Youth Sports Video Series Are Here

The National Academy of Athletics is still in its infancy. The NAofA was born to the dream of Aaron Locks, to keep youth sports alive, available and FUN for our children. We have big dreams of providing youth sports to kids across the nation. Part of that dream was to make youth video sports drills for kids to do at home. Well Covid-19 made that happen a little quicker then we planned. We admit the videos are not professionally produced with a high budget camera man. But we believe they are just perfect for giving kids some fundamental drills that can keep them active and having FUN during this time.

Coach Aaron Locks

Aaron has dedicated his entire life to youth sports. In 2007 he began creating his signature youth sports camps in just 3 locations in Sonoma County. He developed his now trademarked method of engaging and teaching children, TALK.TEACH.PLAY.®. This signature teaching method, combined with his passion to keep children active and healthy is the driving force of the continued growth of the NAofA.

I met Aaron, just two years ago. Having dedicated my career to helping small businesses, I have worked along side many owners and CEO’s that are passionate about their idea or product—None as passionate and devoted as Aaron Locks. I was honored to be asked to become a partner of his venture.

Partnership with Cities, Youth Leagues and Schools

By partnering with City Organizations, Youth Leagues and Schools, we now staff over 100 locations with our NAofA Certified Coaches and Instructors. They provide the best quality and educational sports programs throughout the state of California.

Last month we celebrate winning the Best of Business award by the Small Business Community Association. We welcomed 3 new Area Captains to our team. We were gearing up to have our biggest season ever. Along came Covid-19.


Now, the Coronavirus COVID-19 has closed our Community Partners doors. We immediately canceled all our Spring camps and clinics for the safety and wellbeing of our participants, coaches, instructors and their families.

At this time none of our Coaches or Instructors have contracted the Coronvirus. All are complying to stay home and stay healthy. However due to the nature of our team, (equally passioned to work with children to learn Fitness Fundamentals so they can develop healthy lifestyles) their response was, “What can we do to help?”

The Passion of the NAofA Team

We organized a conference call and one by one each of our Area Captains gave us their local update. They each shared their conversations they have had with their local Community Partners. All are trying to find solutions for their upcoming scheduled Youth Sports Programs. Then each opened up to their personal trials—the health of their families and their plans to get through this unprecedented time.

“We are going through some historical and challenging times right now. Hopefully, after these times are over, we will all have stories to share that we can be proud of,” commented Aaron Locks, CEO of the National Academy of Athletics.

Youth Video Sports Drills

As a Partner in this organization, I have never felt so proud of our team. Within 24 hours of our call, the videos began pouring in.

“As part of my story, I am amazed and so grateful for the amazing team here at the National Academy of Athletics. I am excited to be able to come together so quickly to produce these opportunities to help kids stay active, learn skills and have fun under such challenging times.

In line with our mission of creating healthy and happy children, I am proud to be able to play, even a small part in bringing these videos to kids. My goal is that every child find a way to still Play Hard- Have Fun, even in small spaces, on their own or with their family,” Aaron said.

To my team I say, thank you, you truly are the best of the best, and I am honored to have you representing the National Academy of Athletics. Your passion and dedication to the happiness and welfare of your communities is unsurpassed.

For the safety of our communities, we strongly urge everyone, to please stay at home. Our health workers and first responders are begging us for our help. Please do your part by practicing social distancing and keeping your family unit home and together.

Enjoy these drills with your kids, PLAY HARD. HAVE FUN. AT HOME!

Laree Mancour
Partner & CBO

Thank you to our tireless video editor, Curtis Myers Productions, for bringing these videos to kids so quickly!