National Academy of Athletics Expands Reach with New Franchise in San Diego South

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2024 — The National Academy of Athletics (NAofA) proudly announces the grand opening of its newest franchise location in San Diego South. This expansion marks an exciting milestone in the NAofA’s ongoing commitment to providing premier youth sports programs across the nation.

Dedicated to transforming the lives of youth through the power of sports, the NAofA has garnered acclaim for its exceptional youth sports programs, certified coaching staff, and unwavering dedication to fostering a love for physical activity among young athletes. The NAofA uses sports-specific fundamentals to teach children about success, failure, and what it means to be part of a team. The establishment of the San Diego South franchise underscores the NAofA’s unwavering dedication to serving families in the region by delivering unparalleled sports experiences for children.

Two San Diego locals, deeply entrenched in their community, have joined forces driven by a shared vision of enhancing the well-being of local youth. Josh Sanchez and Joanna Olivia, residents deeply committed to the vitality of San Diego South, bring a wealth of passion and experience to this endeavor. Inspired by the NAofA’s mission and offerings, they united to introduce the organization to the San Diego South community.

“I am thrilled to bring the National Academy of Athletics to our community. My mission is to ensure that children have fun while learning new skills and developing the social and emotional abilities that will help them succeed in life! It is my goal to deliver an exceptional and FUN experience to the youth in San Diego! With my passion for teaching and life-long experience as an athlete, I am excited to join the NAofA in our mission to mentor the youth through athletics,” said Josh.

Josh Hernandez Headshot

Josh Hernandez, San Diego South Area Captain

Aaron Locks, Founder and CEO of NAofA shared his excitement for the new franchise, remarking, “How wonderful it is to welcome Josh and Joanna as our new franchisees in San Diego South. With their impressive mix of business and sports experience, local youth will receive excellent access to the NAofA’s incredible youth sports programs. I’m excited to collaborate with them to promote healthier and happier lives for kids.”

The appeal of NAofA extends beyond its diverse sports offerings; it lies in its commitment to excellence in coaching. The organization ensures that all coaches undergo rigorous training and certification, instilling confidence in families that their children are receiving expert guidance while developing essential sports skills and fundamentals. The NAofA is looking forward to enriching the lives of the youth and the community through youth sports in San Diego South.

About the NAofA: The National Academy of Athletics is a premier provider of youth sports programs dedicated to enriching the lives of children through active sports participation. Emphasizing fun, skill enhancement, and character development, NAofA offers a diverse range of sports programs tailored to engage young athletes of all ages and skill levels. With a mission to promote positive mental and physical growth in youth, NAofA ensures that sports are enjoyable while imparting essential life skills. By training and certifying coaches, NAofA creates an enthusiastic environment where children can develop a lifelong love for sports. Since its inception in 2012, NAofA has emerged as a trusted choice for families seeking top-tier sports experiences for their children.