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In just ten short years in the youth sports industry, we have grown from 10 to 200 locations where we provide our Youth Sports programs. Without marketing, cities, schools, and leagues continually contact us far and wide to bring our programs to their communities.

The dedicated team of professionals at the NAofA has prepared our company for massive growth. Our systems for onboarding and training have been tried and tested with excellent success. Now we are ready for YOU. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy the territory in your backyard. We know it won’t be available for long.

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Introduction to the Youth Sports Industry

The youth sports industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity and growth over the past few decades. With increasing awareness about the benefits of physical activity, more children are actively participating in youth sports. The Youth Sports Market is currently a $19 billion industry. In the United States organized sports for kids and teens represent an economy larger than the $15 billion National Football League. That alone is pretty convincing reason to get into the Youth Sports industry, but even more convincing is that it is projected to reach $77.6 billion by 2026. (Globe NewsWire)

The Growing Popularity of Youth Sports

In recent years, the youth sports industry has grown tremendously. Parents and guardians are increasingly recognizing the numerous benefits that youth sports offer. From promoting physical fitness and healthy habits to fostering teamwork and discipline, our programs provide a well-rounded development for children. Organized youth sports, when focused on fundamentals, facilitate physical activity while providing enjoyment for the young athlete.

Moreover, with concerns about sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity on the rise, engaging in sports becomes a natural solution. Advancements in technology have made it easier for parents to access information about local youth sports programs. The NAofA’s website receives thousands of visitors each month, has a huge social media following, and a 5-star rating on Google Reviews.

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Future Outlook for the Youth Sports Industry

The youth sports industry is poised for significant growth in the coming years. With increasing emphasis on physical fitness and overall health, parents are recognizing the importance of engaging their children in sports activities from a young age. This growing awareness, coupled with advancements in technology and access to information, will revolutionize the industry.

The most recent year in which data is available is 2019. That year, 56.1% of youth ages 6-17 say they “participated on a sports team” or “took sports lessons after-school or on weekends.” (In 2019, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services also set a long-term objective: 63.3% of students playing by 2030). 

Parents concerned specifically with their children’s weight, health, or physical activity level look to youth sports to provide structured, healthy, fun physical activities. Parents are also aware of the effects their children are suffering from due to the pandemic. They are worried about their children’s mental health. Regular exercise combats anxiety and depression. The NAofA began incorporating SEL (Social Emotional Learning) into their NAofA Coach Certification in 2021. We are the solution to getting children healthy again.

Cities are begging us to bring our programs to their communities. Become the hero they need! Find out how!

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We are eager to partner with passionate, sports-minded entrepreneurs who enjoy working with kids. Extensive experience in early childhood and physical education isn’t necessary. If you love kids and believe in making a difference in their health and well-being, and love sports, and believe there is no better way for a child to learn valuable life lessons than playing youth sports, then we will teach you the rest! All it takes is your passion and drive to be successful.

This is a great academy! Aaron has always been so committed to providing the best camps for kids to attend.  The staff is a group of very motivated, enthusiastic, and dedicated people who love to work with kids and help them improve their skills and love for the game. I recommend this academy to any parents out there who want their kids to not only learn the game but to have a fun time while doing it.

JT, Teacher & Coach, City of Cotati

I am a high school basketball official who has attended several of Aaron Locks’s basketball officiating camps throughout the last several years. Aaron has a wealth of experience in basketball officiating at all levels. He has been trained by John Wooden, Pat Riley, and Dave Libbey, to name a few. At his officiating camps, he is high-energy, as is the rest of his staff. I have learned a lot from him about basketball and officiating. I would recommend attending his camps if you want to improve your craft of basketball officiating. It’s well worth the expense and effort!!!!

Pat, Basketball Referee, City of San Francisco

“Our little league is so much better prepared for the season. The combination of the player’s clinics, coaching clinic, and parent orientation was a great way to make sure that everyone was on the same page. The feedback from everyone has been incredible. The communication with the Area Captain and home office is great.”

Erik, Recreation Supervisor, Redwood City Parks & Rec

“Our program has over 3,000 participants each year. The National Academy of Athletics has been an instrumental part of our success. The coaches do an amazing job of presenting topics in a manner that is engaging, entertaining, and hits home.”

Judy, President of Youth Sports Association, City of Moraga

“The camps are run very well. Aaron trains the staff at the National Academy of Athletics to be enthusiastic and attentive to the needs and moods of the kids. We have received nothing but positive feedback from parents and kids. I was unsure of how everyone would buy into what Aaron was presenting. However, I must say that he did it. I received very positive feedback from our coaches, players, and parents. We are looking forward to taking the next step with Aaron next season.”

Amy, President, Redwood Pal Football, City of Santa Rosa


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