Our philosophy is that children should experience, play, and learn many different youth sports to find the ones they truly love. We offer youth sports camps and clinics, teach physical education, and manage leagues for children ages three to fourteen. Our sports include basketball, flag football, pickleball, soccer, baseball, Lacrosse™ and more. The programs we offer help the players learn the fundamental skills combined with the rules and terms of each sport. Our programs are coached by NAofA Certified Coaches and Physical Education Specialists using our trademark talk.teach.PLAY!® teaching method.

Sports Camps for Young Athletes

We offer 11 types of team sports camps and clinics for young athletes. These include our RSVP, Fitness, and All-Sport Camps for the kids who want to play everything or don’t know their favorite sport yet. Continued participation in our youth sports camps and clinics will allow your athletes to develop sports fundamentals and help them grow into happy, healthy humans. Our talk.teach.PLAY!® coaching method has been designed to include social and emotional skills and essential life lessons that we strongly feel can only be learned through participation in team sports.

Select a sport your child is interested in, explore our programs, then reserve your camp today.

“Here is the deal, Aaron gets it! His knowledge of the game is great but his ability to teach is even better. Kids love him.”


“Aaron is very perceptive to the needs and moods of the players, yet disciplined enough to give them direction and guidance.”

PAT RILEY, NBA Championship Coach

“Aaron has a special way with children. He is an exceptional role model and his energy is quite contagious.”

JOHN WOODEN, NCAA Championship Coach

Getting kids active early in life will set them on the right path to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Becoming a professional athlete isn’t in the cards for all youth athletes. Our sports programs allow children to learn the fundamentals of all sports. However, the main reason kids love our youth sports camps and clinics is because our goal is truly to make sure they are having fun.

Our Talk.Teach.Play® teaching method keeps the talking to three minutes, the teaching to three minutes, and the playtime to six minutes. This has proven to keep kids interested as they learn the fundamentals. We make sure kids then have plenty of playtimes. During the camps and clinics, we always allow time for kids to then use the fundamentals they learned to play.


Our sports are played in the same way in which kids played 20 years ago. We want to make sure kids learn life lessons like communicating with each other, having respect for their peers, and knowing what it is to be responsible when you are part of a team. Kids will learn how to face challenges and have good sportsmanship. Kids that participate in our youth sports camps and clinics leave with more confidence on and off the field.


The NAofA partners with City Recreation Centers, Schools and Leagues to provide superior Youth Sports Instruction at facilities that need our expertise.