National Academy of Athletics Team



At the National Academy of Athletics, our team takes our training very seriously.  Due to the proximity of coaching, leading, and supervising children, or people of vulnerable age, the NAofA team thoroughly trains all Area Captains and Coaches. Many of our coaches are college athletes in pursuit of their athletic dreams, whether that is to play professionally or to coach professionally. They take their roles very seriously and the NAofA takes their training very seriously. Through every program we put on with the help of our community partners, we want our participants to have the best coaches to help guide and mentor these young athletes to pursue their own dreams.

  • Talk-Teach-Play® Certified

    Talk-Teach-Play® is our trademarked teaching system. The NAofA team is fully trained in our signature instruction protocol to make certain every program is efficiently run from start to finish. Talk-Teach-Play® Certification means that our staff uses the fundamentals of 3 minutes of verbal instruction, 6 minutes of skill and drill work, and 6 minutes of competition and games emphasizing the fun of sports and getting kids out there playing.

  • DOJ Background Check & Fingerprinted

    Due to the nature of our work and the close proximity of our team working with children, they are all background checked and fingerprinted through the Department of Justice to ensure there are no previous issues when working with youth. ORI #AH956.

  • Concussion Protocol

    In sports, the risk of having a concussion is high; we have taken the steps to be sure that all of our staff is adequately trained and certificated in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a possible concussion. With this training and certification we can be sure that in the case of this happening our staff will know exactly what to do to aid the child.

  • Mandated Reporter Training

    Every staff member is required to complete and pass the mandated reporter training provided by the California Department of Social Services before starting work. This training allows our staff to better recognize child abuse and neglect and gives them the knowledge and skills to help them carry out their responsibilities.

  • Harassment & Bullying Prevention

    Our team is trained to be mindful and aware of the things kids say to each other and how they treat one another. This allows our team to be better equipped to address a situation before it gets out of hand. Our internal program is based upon the guidelines from  Using some of our techniques and the lessons of being a “team player” and “sportsmanship first,” help to counteract some of the issues kids face with harassment and bullying.

  • NAofA Child Safety

    We have strict check in and check out procedures in place so we know every child is going to the right place or going home with the right person. If the person picking up the child from our program can not verify all the steps required for pick up, the child will not be released into their custody. Each program uses “family” or “safety words” to help insure every kids safety.

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