Introducing: The Team Captain Program

Are you a parent who believes in the power of youth sports and the positive impact it can have on children’s lives? Do you want to play an active role in promoting physical activity and teamwork in your school? If so, we have exciting news for you! The National Academy of Athletics is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking “Team Captain” program, a unique initiative that allows parents to team up with NAofA to expand youth sports opportunities in their schools.

Empowering Parents for Youth Sports Expansion

At the National Academy of Athletics, we are passionate about creating a world where every child has access to high-quality sports programs. We understand the importance of physical activity, camaraderie, and life skills that children gain through sports participation. To achieve this vision, we believe it’s crucial to involve parents in the process. The “Team Captain” program is designed to tap into the collective power of parents, working together with the NAofA to make a lasting impact on children’s lives.

How It Works – Your Commitment

Participating in the “Team Captain” program is simple and rewarding. All you need to do is refer us to your school’s partnership coordinator, which could be your school’s Principal, PTA President, or After-School Program Coordinator. They will be the liaison between the school and the National Academy of Athletics.

Your primary role as a Team Captain is to help coordinate a formal meeting between NAofA and your school’s partnership coordinator. During this meeting, we will discuss the various programs and opportunities that NAofA can bring to your school and community. Your involvement will ensure that your school gets all the information needed to make an informed decision about joining our “Get Active” program. “Get Active” is a program created to build a network of like-minded schools that are committed to our mission of helping kids live active and healthy lifestyles.

Your Benefit – Earn Free Summer Camps!

As a token of our appreciation for your support and commitment, we have exciting rewards for Team Captains. When your school joins our “Get Active” program, you will receive one free summer camp for your child. This is our way of saying thank you for making a difference in the lives of children in your community.

But wait, there’s more! If your school not only joins the “Get Active” program but also agrees to bring one of our programs to the school, you will receive a camp voucher that entitles you to four free summer camps! That’s an entire summer filled with fun and enriching experiences for your child, all while making a positive impact on the lives of many others.

Join the Team Captain Program Today!

The “Team Captain” program is not just about promoting sports; it’s about fostering a sense of community, teamwork, and wellness. By becoming a Team Captain, you are taking a proactive step to ensure that children in your school and neighborhood have access to valuable sports programs that promote health, fitness, and valuable life skills.

NAofA Director of Operations, Mike Stone, said, “In my 8 years of playing in the NFL I have witnessed the strength that can be harnessed by aligning individuals around a singular and mutually beneficial goal. With the Team Captain program our goal is to leverage the value of teamwork by aligning parents with our effort to promote healthy and active lifestyles in schools. The Team Captain Program incentivizes parents for assisting us in bringing our programs to their schools. In the NFL, the ultimate goal is to with the championship, through the Team Captain program the goal is to inspire more kids to “Get Active” and develop a love for athletic play.”

So, are you ready to be a driving force in expanding youth sports opportunities? Join the “Team Captain” movement today and help us make a difference, one child at a time. Together, we can empower our youth and create a brighter, more active future for generations to come.

To get started, reach out to your school’s partnership coordinator and let them know about the “Team Captain” program from the National Academy of Athletics. Your dedication and effort can be the catalyst for change in your community. Let’s get active, Team Captains!