Stephanie Buechner has joined the NAofA team as the Director of Physical Education in order to bring engaging and active PE programs to schools. The National Academy of Athletics is on a mission to bring youth sports to kids throughout the nation. Keeping quality physical education in schools is an essential part of the healthy cognitive development for our youth.


The NAofA partners with schools to offer a detailed Physical Education Program for Tk- 8th grade: Fitness of Fundamentals. As the Director of Physical Education, Stephanie Buechner will work to provide children with an introduction into the world of sports, health, and fitness.


Stephanie grew up and currently resides in Sonoma County, CA with her husband and two daughters. She played four years of college basketball at three different Universities: Dominican University, Cal State San Bernardino, and Sonoma State University. Soon after receiving All-league recognition at Sonoma State her senior year, she decided to start a career in coaching.

Stephanie coaching basketball

Stephanie became the head coach of Branson School’s Girls Varsity Basketball team in 2013. Two years later, she accepted a full-time teaching position at San Domenico School as a Middle School PE Teacher and Head Coach of the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. She stated, “It is a passion of mine to see our youth live an active lifestyle. Working at a K-12 school has provided many opportunities to work with athletes of all ages and help them grow in their prospective sport, while encouraging them to try out new ones as well.” Stephanie has six years of experience teaching Physical Education at the Elementary, Middle School, and High School level. She also has over 10 years of coaching Summer Camps, and AAU travel basketball teams. With Stephanie’s extensive experience with students in health, sports, and fitness, she is an ideal person for this role.


As a result of the recent current events regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephanie also has a familiarity with adjusting her Physical Education curriculum to a virtual method. This understanding will contribute greatly to her work in the near future as we head into an uncertain 2020-2021 school year. “It has been exciting to be as innovative as possible to create a stable environment and healthy platform for my students” Stephanie said. “Working with the National Academy of Athletics is a great opportunity for me to blend my passion for helping kids with creatively offering ways in which physical education/activity can be incorporated in schools. I am a big believer in being a part of something bigger than yourself and am excited to be a part of the NAofA team!”

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