Sports for kids in San Diego

July 2, 2018
For Immediate Release

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Aaron Locks, Founder & CEO
Phone: 866.GO.SPORT

ANNOUNCEMENT: The National Academy of Athletics has been approved as a Preferred Vendor for the City of San Diego Parks & Recreational Department and will expand their services throughout San Diego.

The NAofA partners with schools, leagues, and municipalities to provide first class youth athletic programs at affordable rates. With headquarters in Santa Rosa, California, they have successfully grown to 78 cities and run over 720 sports programs since their inception in 2012. Over 175,000 kids have participated in the camps and clinics designed by the National Academy of Athletics founder, Aaron Locks.
The NAofA hires local Area Captain’s and well-qualified coaches within each county to service their Community Partners. As City budgets and resources continue to decrease, they satisfy the demand for youth sports programs. They do not want children to suffer from lack of healthy activity and miss out on the enrichment and life lessons sports teach to children at an early age.


• Summer Sports Camps
• Athletic Fund-raising Programs
• School Break Clinics
• After School Sports Club
• League Support Programs
• School Fitness Programs

The professional staff is setting introduction meetings with Recreational Departments throughout the San Diego area. A Sports Specialist will be contacting schools, leagues and municipalities to set up a short introduction meeting to learn what programs are being offered in your community and to see if the National Academy of Athletics programs can be of assistance to them and the families within each community.
Founded in 2012, the National Academy of Athletics is the largest and fastest growing youth sports organization in California. They currently provide sports programs for kids in California, Hawaii and Georgia. Due to popular demand, they are expanding their operations to various cities throughout the United States.

National Academy of Athletics is on a mission to bring youth sports camps to kids throughout the nation. Besides being tons of fun, youth sports build skills such as teamwork, leadership and responsibility and important life lessons such as competition, perseverance and sportsmanship. Our camps teach kids how to cope through challenges and will boost their self-esteem and confidence.

We use sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth. as we fight to diminish childhood obesity by advocating healthy, active lifestyles. We give kids the opportunity to have fun and meet positive people, such as coaches and parent volunteers, who will mentor them as they grow.

Through Inspiration, Motivation and Perspiration, we believe sports brings out a positive change in every participant!

“The National Academy of Athletics has helped us to be able to o er a wider variety of youth sports programs. Their professionalism, and forward thinking has been great. With their help we have seen a steady increase in youth sports participation here in the Napa Valley.” -Dan Opperman – Sports Coordinator – City of Napa