The NAofA Specializes in Affordable, Flexible Physical Education Programs to Meet Your Schools Needs

UPDATED January 2023

Please review our 2023 Schools Programs Edition to find out more about the National Academy of Athletics school fitness programs.

Take advantage of the Expanded Learning Program!

The Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Program provides funding for afterschool and summer school enrichment programs for kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) through sixth grade as described in Education Code (EC) Section 46120. The ELO Program is established beginning in fiscal year 2021–22 by Assembly Bill (AB) 130, Chapter 44, Statutes of 2021, as amended by AB 167, Chapter 252, Statutes of 2021. Funding for the 2021–22 ELO Program is provided in Item 6100-110-0001 of the Budget Act of 2021 (Senate Bill 129, Chapter 69, Statutes of 2021), and EC Section 46120(f).

For more information contact your local Area Captain or complete this Proposal Request Form and we will get in touch with you!






Bring the NAofA to Your School

National Academy of Athletics is on a mission to bring youth sports to kids throughout the nation. We use sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth.  Our goal is to diminish childhood obesity by advocating for healthy lifestyles while providing tools to boost confidence. 

National Academy of Athletics has SOLUTIONS, please allow us to help!

Allow us to bring our Physical Education Specialist to your campus!

Schools simply MUST offer PE.

Physical Education is now more important than ever. We all know the health benefits of PE, but studies show that PE is an instrumental part of offering Social & Emotional Learning (SEL). It is the most powerful (and unappreciated) ‘medicine’ for present and future health issues – For the body, mind, and spirit.

Teaching SEL through physical education helps students navigate many of the challenges they face each day. It promotes academic achievement and positive social behavior while reducing conduct problems, substance abuse, and emotional distress.

The National Academy of Athletics Curriculum includes physical activity, coordination, strength, and balance while implementing instructional strategies that intentionally address SEL competencies. Our focus will be CONFIDENCE, OPTIMISM & GROWTH!

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These programs are funded by the school. To inquire about these programs and to learn how the NAofA can implement these programs for your school, please complete the request form. We look forward to being your partner, and to provide your students with Physical Education your students need for their health and well-being.

Advantages of Engaging the NAofA for Physical Education and Activities in Schools

Partnering with a physical education agency provides an alternative to hiring traditional educators. The right partner can provide school districts with all the advantages of the employer/employee relationship without having to deal with the disadvantages.

Access to NAofA Certified PE Specialists
• Reducing expenses.
• Easier to manage via contract
• Access to sports specific trainers
• Offers classroom teachers breaks
• Provide continuity
• Scheduling flexibility


Approved Physical Education Supplementation For Your Students

The goal of physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity. At NAofA, we understand the importance of physical activity in children’s lives and we want to promote physical fitness and healthy cognitive function for our youth. National Academy of Athletics works with schools in California to offer a detailed Physical Education Program for ages Tk- 8th grade: Fitness of Fundamentals

Fitness Through Fundamentals is a PE Supplementation Program that introduces K-8 children to the world of sports, health and fitness. In each class, we provide a quality PE Supplement to your school. Through our age appropriate curriculum, students are taught the skills and concepts of a variety of sports, games and exercises. We provide engaging, active and entertaining activities with a core curriculum built to develop a healthy interest in sports and fitness. Our curriculum is based on the physical and emotional needs of each age group from the National Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes.

Our large variety of curriculum ensures that all three domains of physical education: psychomotor, cognitive, and affective are incorporated daily. It includes not only physical competence and knowledge, but also the attitudes, motivation, and social skills needed for participation.

The National Academy of Athletics Fitness Through Fundamentals program meets the California Physical Education Framework and Standards, and has been approved to provide fitness testing and the Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Fitness through Fundamentals: Curriculum (Age Specific)

  • Sports 101
    • This program focuses on teaching kids the basics of sports and fitness. Throughout the semester the instructor will guide the students through different sports in 4-week modules.
  • Training Camp
    • This fitness-based program will challenge your students to complete multiple sports movement modules. This is the perfect blend of sports specific athletics and physical activities.
  • Fundamentals
    • This program is a great way to teach children the fundamentals of sports. We have created a series of playground games that encourage a child to practice and master the basic fundamentals of athletic movement.
  • Innovative lesson plans and fitness based games for Distance Learning
    • NAofA PE Bingo
    • In-home options with little to no equipment/ limited space
    • Self-paced classes with encouragement and motivation from your PE Specialist

Our PE specialists will:

  1. Ensure students are introduced to and participate in a wide range of activities
  2. Develop a wide range of sport and activity specific skills
  3. Enhance their body control and creative movement
  4. Develop and enhance motor skills appropriately within the student’s age group
  5. Improve overall fitness through affective activity, balance, and movement.
  6. Raise awareness of the intrinsic need for communication, respect, problem solving and co-operative teamwork in physical activities through sports
  7. Incorporate leadership activities
  8. Promote and enforce a positive learning environment for good sportsmanship


Twenty years ago, kids used to meet up at parks and play sports or run around outside after school. Nowadays, many kids go back to empty homes and play video games until their parents return from work. Our After School Programs provide a safe, fun environment for kids to learn about sports, play games and be active with their friends. As a school community partner, you can bring this enriching time back into our youth’s lives.

 In order to serve the growing need for after-school sports and athletics, the NAofA has created several options for schools, PTAs, PTO or individual parent registration. Most after-school sports programs are offered in 6 – 8 weeks blocks, approximately 1.5 – 2 hours per day. Times and days of the week vary based on the season, the sport, the number of participants, the students’ grades, and the facilities available.

The National Academy of Athletics provides all staff, equipment, and curriculum. For those schools that have an interest in participating in multi-campus sports leagues, uniforms can be included. (NAofA does not transport any students.)

For programs that require parent registration, the NAofA will create marketing materials, including flyers, marketing ads for social media and electronic distribution, posters, banners, and school lawn signs. In addition, the NAofA can manage all registrations online, or the school has the option to manage registrations.


  • Pick a sport for the semester

  • Decide how many weeks you wish to run the program

  • Decide which day(s) of the week you’d like us to run the program

  • Submit a proposal request

Summer and Holiday Break Programs

Whether children are beginners or more advanced players, the drills taught at these clinics will help them fall in love with different sports. Our sport-specific classes are the perfect place to learn the fundamentals of each sport and allow children to improve their skills while having a blast and making new friends.

• Proper conditioning and warm-ups
• Balance and coordination
• Build motor skills and coordination
• Confidence builder program
• Offense and defensive skills
• Competitions and games
• Individual & team concepts
• Speed and agility
• Teamwork and cooperation

We have developed sports programs for two age groups. We offer our Junior Academy to kids of age 4 – 6, and our NAofA Programs to kids 7 – 13 years olds. For larger programs, we may also break this age group out for kids 7-9 and 10-13 years of age.


CLINICS are 1-2 days in length. Clinics are great for weekends or sport specific development.

DAY CAMPS are 3-5 days in length. Camps are great for Monday – Friday breaks from school. An excellent choice so that you may offer different types of sports programming throughout the summer.

CLUBS are an ongoing series of commitments that take place 1-2 days a week. Clubs are perfect for families looking for a consistent program throughout the summer.

The National Academy of Athletics has over 100 partnerships with City Recreation Department’s, Youth Sports Leagues, Schools, Boy & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s and Private Youth Sports Organizations. With additional school community partners, we can continue to grow to be the preferred youth sports provider in California.

Our goal is to provide Youth Sports to kids throughout the nation.


Chris Meyer Community Partner

“Working with National Academy of Athletics has been a total collaboration from the start. They have been easy to work with, professional and simply want to provide the best recreational sports experience for children possible. This partnership has helped the City of Rocklin double the recreational sports programs that it can offer to its residents and their families.”

Chris Meyer, Recreation Coordinator, Rocklin Community Center

“I wanted to convey to you what an improvement PE is for my kids. Izzy has been showing me what she is learning at PE and I am VERY impressed that she now knows how to do squats, sit ups, plank, and so much more. Both my kids are really enjoying the activities they are doing as well as the teachers. They really respect Coach Ben and Coach Quest and seem to have a better appreciation for PE in general.  I am a strong believer in physical education – teaching kids the importance of moving their bodies and how to use them. So glad this is being taught to our kids!” 

Parent , Glenwood Elementary School, San Rafael

“This is our third year using the National Academy of Athletics Fitness Through Fundamentals. Their administration is very responsive, their instructors are prompt and enthusiastic and our students love the program.”

Tracy Kendal, Principal, Mark West Elementary School

Our school was in a pinch mid-semester and NAA stepped in on short notice and brought a comprehensive PE program for our Kindergarten-5th grade school.  We have been delighted with their enthusiastic instructors, how they provide all necessary equipment and their curriculum options.  They met our immediate needs and we hope to partner with them for the foreseeable future.  A dynamic solution for our PE program.

Kyri McClellan, Glenwood School Foundation