We are aware that the concern for the coronavirus epidemic is escalating and we are following updates closely from local health departments and the Center For Disease Control (CDC). We take the health and safety of our participants and staff very seriously.

The safety and health of our community—continues to be our number one priority. This is NOT a time for panic, but rather a time to remind ourselves of the best next steps to keep everyone safe.

At this time, none of our staff have tested positive for COVID-19. However, with social distancing in mind, in an effort to protect our Participants, Parents, Coaches, and their families, we have decided to temporarily suspend services at all Schools and Recreation Centers beginning this evening, March 15, 2020 at 6:00 pm.

Given that this situation is complex and evolving, it is our intention to re-engage services at the Recreation Centers and Schools as soon as we can—potentially opening certain outdoor recreation areas, before full facilities are reopened, however this would only occur if given proper clearance by the CDC that this activity would be safe. Please expect both outdoor and indoor facilities and services to be unavailable until at least March 31. There is no need to contact us, we will be reaching out to all parents who have made registrations during this time period. We will be providing your choice of a camp voucher for the entire amount paid that can be applied to any of our upcoming Spring and Summer Programs or we will provide you a refund. We will keep close tabs on this evolving situation so that we can be prepared to reopen some and/or all of the facilities in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines.

All of our programs are designed to provide children with a safe, fun and educational youth sports experience. We will continue to keep you updated as we monitor the Schools and Recreation Centers that are our valued Community Partners.

Be kind, stay away from vulnerable individuals, and help each other whenever possible. Look out for loved ones and friends, for neighbors and strangers… we must all stick together at this time.

Please be safe and stay home when possible. This is a great time to play a friendly game of catch with your immediate family in your backyard! We are still taking registrations for our Summer Programs and appreciate your support as we get through these trying times! We will see you soon!

– The NAofA Partners & Area Captains

For more information on the Coronavirus, visit cdc.gov for the latest updates.

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