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What will my responsibilities be?2020-06-22T16:58:36-07:00


Negotiating contracts with cities to provide services for camps.
–Fall and Winter – Sport Specific
–Spring- Sport Specific
–Summer- Sports Specific
Selling League Support Programs to Leagues.
–Coaches/Players/Parent Clinics
-League Management
Selling NAofA Products to Schools
–Fitness through Fundamentals (PE Supplementation Course)
–Before/After School Programs
–School Holiday Break Programs
Selling our Products to Parents


  • Complete management of a Youth Sports Business
  • Develop Community Partnerships
  • Secure Facilities
  • Develop and Run Our Sports Programs
  • Hire & Train Your Staff
  • Effectively Market & Promote Our Programs
  • Bi-Weekly Conference Calls with Corporate

Your participation in conference calls are mandatory to connect with the Corporate Office. Different dates and times are offered to work with everyones schedules.


Marketing NAofA Programs to Cities, Schools & Leagues

Marketing NAofA Programs to Parents

Marketing positions to recruit coaches


  • Relationship Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Use of Registration Software
  • Event Promotion
  • Event Coordination
  • Signage Placement
  • Constant Contact


You will be responsible for marketing Camp Director and Camp Coach positions, interviewing, hiring, processing paperwork and managing your team.


You will use the Corporate Payroll Software to manage your staff and submit and approve payroll.

What are the minimum qualifications to purchase a territory?2020-06-22T15:49:10-07:00
  • You must love kids
  • You must love sports
  • You must live in the territory you want to purchase
  • Have at least $40,000 in liquid capital
  • Have a FICO credit score above 640
  • Have a clean background report from the Department of Justice
Why Youth Sports is an Amazing Business Opportunity2020-06-22T13:31:20-07:00
  • 30 – 40 million kids play organized sports each year!
  • There is a huge demand and need for high quality sports programs
  • There is a huge demand for returning to youth recreational sports vs. youth competitive sports
  • Not only is this a fun business, but it is an opportunity to truly help the kids in your territory grow up to be healthy, confident, productive adults.
  • You will have incredible networking opportunities, and will become the local “superhero.”
  • Expect to hugged and given high-fives in grocery stores.
  • Your new name around town will be “Coach”
  • Get paid to make kids happy!
What qualities makes a great Area Captain?2020-06-22T13:27:02-07:00
  • Leaders/team builders
  • Gregarious
  • Multitaskers
  • Networkers
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Organized planners
  • Growth-oriented
  • Interested in making a difference while making a living
How long will it take to be up and running?2020-06-22T13:23:11-07:00

Less than 30 days! Or less, depending on you! After signing on the dotted line, you’ll receive your “Business in a Box” filled with everything you need to run your first Youth Sports camp! You will have one-on-one time immediately with the key members of our management team that will make sure you are comfortable and confident in your roll.  You will be given access to our Intranet which contains all the information you need to learn the ropes, begin networking with confidence, signing up Community Partners, and scheduling your programs!

What are the key benefits of this business?2020-06-22T13:17:18-07:00
  • Home Based Business
  • Turn-Key System
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Low Start-Up and Overhead
  • Proven Business Model since 2009
  • Comprehensive Training
  • On-Going Support
  • Protected Territory
  • Brand Recognition
  • Low Flat-Rate Royalties
  • One week-long comprehensive training at our corporate office in California
  • Online Support
  • Security/Safety Procedures
  • Field Operations Training
  • Proprietary Registration Software
  • Intranet Platform
  • Marketing Support
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Ad Templates
  • Regional Advertising
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Email marketing
What training and support programs do you offer?2020-06-22T09:17:30-07:00
  • One week-long comprehensive training via ZOOM with the Founder & CEO, the Chief Brand & Marketing Executive, the Area Captain Manager and Corporate Office Manager
  • Five days of Field Training in your territory
  • On-going support with bi-weekly team conference calls and weekly CEO newsletters
  • Extensive support developing your online presence
  • Connecting you with other veteran Area Captains
  • Business Consulting & Leadership Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Community & Partnerships

We are committed to your success!!

What marketing support do you offer?2020-06-22T09:13:09-07:00

Team focused on building brand reputation and awareness while providing local marketing support.

  • Professional, polished marketing materials that can be customized to include local information
  • In-house graphic designer available for custom design needs – from brochures, Social Media headers, flyers, signage to car-wraps
  • Local social media page setup and training with ongoing content and training to be utilized by Area Captain in their local territory
  • Professional imagery, messaging and video content
  • Territory-specific landing pages with local editing capabilities
  • Seasonal campaign development and materials
  • Training, support and consultation on all things marketing including best practices, local marketing & event strategy, public relations, local partnerships, social media and digital marketing
  • Marketing Support from Corporate
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Ad Templates
  • Regional Advertising
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Email marketing
Is an Area Captain a part-time or full-time career opportunity?2020-06-21T16:55:22-07:00

Owning and operating a NAofA territory is a full-time career opportunity. Owning and operating your own business offering multiple sports programs, at multiple locations, four seasons a year, you will have to stay on top of it! As each season starts, you are preparing for the next upcoming season.

What sports can I operate?2020-06-21T16:55:55-07:00

You will have the rights to use our curriculums for:
NAofA Flag Football, NFL Flag, Soccer, Basketball, NBA Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse™, All Sorts of Sports, Volleyball, Tennis, Dodgeball, Flag Rugby, RSP and Cheerleading.

What is the Cancellation Policy?2020-04-10T14:47:55-07:00

Payment Information –
$75 deposit per child per session is due at the time of registration in order to secure your camper’s spot in the camp. This is a non-refundable deposit, barring medical issues (see below).

Refund Policy –
First, we would like to encourage you to simply move to another session so your child can have the experience of summer camp. However, we understand that things come up and you may need to cancel all together. To do so, please call or email us with this information.
• $75 Deposit is not refundable or transferable at any time unless it is a medical reason (must have written explanation from Doctor).
• If you cancel with more than 21 days till the session start date, then you will receive all money paid EXCEPT $75 refund
• 14-20 days until the session start date, 50% refund
• 7 days prior to start of camp session = SORRY NO REFUND

Medical reason for cancellation –
We understand that medical issues may arise or just as your child is set to attend camp. Please call us as soon as possible to inform us of your need to cancel. We will ask that you submit a written excuse from your child’s physician. If you child is sick and there is time and room, we will work with you to switch your camper to a later session.

If you have questions – call 866-90-SPORT and one of our camp specialists will be happy to help.


What is Your Privacy Policy2020-04-10T14:35:38-07:00

You have our word, you’re safe with us.

We will never sell any personally identifiable information to a third party for marketing purposes. We will never overload your inbox. We will send you relevant camp information.

We will only disclose information to third parties about your account or the transfers or payments you make:
• When it is necessary for opening or maintaining your account, or for completing transfers or payments
• If lawfully required or
• If you request or authorize it

How should I prepare my child for camp?2020-04-10T15:09:55-07:00

Here’s a few fundamental skills and checklist items you may want to consider:

  1. If this is their first time playing the sport your child is enrolled in, we always suggest that you discuss the sport prior to their first day at camp. It’s important to provide them with some basic understanding of the sport in terms of the skills and what it would be like to play. Just the basics is fine, no need to to go into too much detail or rattle their minds with all the rules. Learning the fundamentals is very important and we take pride in making sure that will happen.
  2. An important lesson a child should learn about participating in a sport is obligation.  Look at a calendar together and discuss how many hours of each day they will be at their camp or clinic. If you’re playing on a team, your team is counting on you to show up- you all need each other.
  3. While equipment is important, it is not important that you go out and buy brand new expensive equipment- especially if your child is just trying out the sport. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with used equipment.
  4. It is important that you practice with them. Rebound when they shoot hoops or play catch so they can practice their new skills. This will show them your support.  We find that parents who participate with their kids have much more enjoyable experience overall.

Good luck on your youth sports journey. It really does not matter if they have ever played a sport before, if you get them playing and having fun, they will fall in love with being healthy and active, and this will keep them healthy for life.

Can my child miss a day or half-day during a camp? Will this put them behind?2020-04-10T15:10:11-07:00

It is not uncommon for kids to occasionally miss a day or have to leave early or late on some days due to various reasons. We realize that family schedules require flexibility. If they miss instructions for a new drill, we will ensure they get time with a camp counselor to bring them back up to speed.

Do the boys and girls practice and play together?2020-04-10T15:10:19-07:00

At most of our camps, yes. We believe that boys and girls (with the same skill level) should play together. In the real world, men and women work together and are expected to perform the same tasks. We do not want to show differentiation between any child that wants to play and participate in group schools.

Sometimes there is an exception, please read the camp details.

Daily Schedule2020-04-10T15:10:29-07:00

Each Camp has a specific schedule but this is a pretty good example of what you should expect.

9:00am Structured Free Play

9:15am Introduction (staff, camp rules and facility etc.)

9:30am Wake Up Call – Warm Up Happy Feet series

9:45am Evaluation Games

10:10am BREAK

10:15am Roll Call

10:20am Stations (3 min verbal – 6 min teach – 6 min play)

10:40am Stations (3 min verbal – 6 min teach – 6 min play)

11:00am Stations (3 min verbal – 6 min teach – 6 min play)

11:15am Snack Break

11:20am Individual Competitions

11:35am Team Competitions

12:00pm LUNCH

12:30pm Structured Free Play

1:00pm Roll Call

1:10pm Mass Clinic

1:35pm Break

1:40pm Competitions and Challenges

2:00pm Break

2:05pm Individual Competitions

2:30pm Break

2:35pm Group Games and Competitions

2:55pm Review and Dismissal

What is the player coach ratio?2020-04-10T15:10:41-07:00

Our staff of energetic coaches are placed in each camp with a maximum camper-to-coach ratio of 10-1.

Will my child be safe at NAofA Camps?2020-04-10T15:10:51-07:00

Absolutely! Safety is our number one priority. Aaron Locks has been running quality sports camps in Northern California for over 20-years, we have never had a child be seriously injured. We are proud of this record. National Academy of Athletics Camps has very strict rules.

For example:

  • All Campers are signed in and out from camp each day.
  • All Staff is first aid and CPR certified.
  • All camp staff coaches are 18 years or older.
  • Campers are not allowed out of the gym, except to use the restroom.
  • All campers using the restroom must go with another camper as a “buddy”.
  • All basketball counselors have been thoroughly trained to never be in a compromising situation with campers. When talking with campers about personal issues, we always have two counselors present. Counselors are never to leave the gym with a camper.


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