Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

During a Zoom meeting, I was speaking with a community partner from the San Diego Area who brought up something interesting. They noticed a yellow pyramid displayed on the wall behind me that they had also seen on the TV show, “Ted Lasso“.

With a smile, I explained that it’s called the Pyramid of Success. It’s a framework and philosophy that I learned during my time working with Coach Wooden, which continues to guide both my company and my personal life.

They then asked me to summarize its essence. So, I did my best to simplify it as follows:

At the pinnacle of the pyramid lies success. Coach Wooden defined success as the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve given your absolute best. The foundation stones of the pyramid are Industriousness and Enthusiasm. To truly unlock your potential, I believe you need to strike the perfect balance between the two. Without industriousness, hard work can lead to monotony. Conversely, without enthusiasm, and a deep passion for what you do, your potential may go unrealized. Only when you possess both Industriousness and Enthusiasm or as I like to put it: “Play Hard – Have Fun,” and you can achieve sustainable success.

aaron locks with coach wooden

Aaron Locks with Coach Wooden