Leadership: Overcoming Obstacles in Business and in Life

By: Aaron Locks, for Franchising.com

Success and failure are natural parts of life, both personally and professionally. To overcome life’s challenges and achieve lasting success, it’s important to start by being clear about our goals. This idea is similar to what Stephen Covey taught about “beginning with the end in mind,” which means picturing what success looks like.

No one can succeed at everything all the time. While aiming for perfection is good, I’ve developed a philosophy for my team at the National Academy of Athletics: Focusing on the effort we put in, rather than just the outcomes, is key to achieving lasting success. Among my team of leaders, it’s clear that when they put their energy into reaching out, making calls, sending emails, attending meetings, and building real connections, the desired results naturally happen. We have found that only with enough effort does the desired result begin to appear…Read more