SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA, The National Academy of Athletics’ new collaboration with ActivityHero helps to bring On-Demand Sports Programs to kids throughout the nation. The NAofA continues to provide these resources to kids amidst the current constraints brought on by COVID-19.

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It is a priority of the NAofA to help kids discover happy and healthy lifestyles through youth sports. Aaron Locks, the CEO, and founder of the NAofA knew that the COVID-19 pandemic would make it difficult to practice sports traditionally. Therefore, Aaron was determined to find the best alternative that could reach communities all over. His team of NAofA Certified Coaches, many of whom are former college and professional athletes, did not hesitate to help accomplish this task. Aaron and his team are committed to releasing on-demand camps for every type of kid and athlete.

Why ActivityHero?

ActivityHero was founded the same year as the National Academy of Athletics in 2012. For years, the NAofA has been solely focused on in-person programs, while ActivityHero connected people virtually.  Coming together during this time to combine their specialties made for an ideal strategic partnership. Aaron Locks stated, “The fact that ActivityHero and National Academy of Athletics have such a similar target audience, made this collaboration the perfect fit.”

ActivityHero is an online marketplace where customers can look for camps, classes, and workshops.  The On-Demand Sports Camps from the National Academy of Athletics are five-day pre-recorded series’ of skills and drills that kids can do from their own homes.

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Consumers may be curious about the benefits of participating in these e-learning platforms.  In response, ActivityHero stated, “As parents, it can be difficult to keep kids engaged during school closures and breaks. In-home lessons can help children stay busy, even when it is not possible to physically be at a camp or class. Moreover, virtual learning can also benefit children who are seeking advanced instruction that may not be available near you.”

To see each NAofA On-Demand Sports Camp that ActivityHero is offering, click here.