The NCJLA joins forces with the NAofA to unite their sports expertise to expand lacrosse and multi-sport programs in all communities the NAofA services. The Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association sees that their partnership with the NAofA will help the lacrosse sport to grow in diverse communities, and give more youth the opportunity to experience lacrosse.


The National Academy of Athletics strongly believes in the power of sports in promoting positive mental and physical development in our youth. They provide their Community Partners with a variety of sports programs in order to enrich children with the opportunity to have fun as they learn the fundamentals of multiple sports.


The NAofA creates an enthusiastic environment for kids to play hard and have fun while developing confidence, optimism, and growth on and off the field. A crucial element for the organization is the ability to offer and provide programs for a variety of sports. This allows kids to experience a range of sports that offer diversity and require learning different skills. Participants never feel the pressure of having to specialize in one sport, they just get to have fun playing and learning.

The National Academy of Athletics has offered lacrosse sports camps for 6 years. By joining forces with the NCJLA they will enhance their lacrosse curriculum, and expand and integrate more of the sport into their multi-sport program “Allsport”. Both these organizations and the communities they serve will benefit from their partnership.

Lacrosse is a unique sport as it requires skills from different sports, like basketball and soccer. It requires an immense amount of teamwork which is why the NAofA believes it to be a powerful learning experience for young boys and girls.


For NCJLA, they believe that joining forces with the NAofA can assist them with the integration of lacrosse into more local city parks and recreation departments.

Laura Jennings, NCJLA Executive Director, stated, “We hope that through this partnership, lacrosse will become as common as basketball or soccer for children in elementary or middle school. Lacrosse is a fun game and we are so excited to see more kids able to try it out at the National Academy of Athletics’ camps.”


The Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association has the game knowledge, skilled coaches, and quality equipment, but little access to interested families. The National Academy of Athletics can utilize this lacrosse expertise from the NCJLA to deliver the latest drills and techniques in their programs. This training will allow the NAofA to help the NCJLA carry out its mission to facilitate the growth of youth lacrosse.

Through the NAofA’s sports camps and School Physical Education programs, more children will be able to be introduced to the lacrosse sport. If children become interested in pursing the sport beyond these NAofA programs, then have the opportunity to find local camps through the NCJLA’s website to pursue their passion.

Parents can be confident that their children will learn the fundamentals of lacrosse in an updated and exciting way. The National Academy of Athletics will provide updated lacrosse training to their NAofA Certified Coaches to ensure every participant’s safety, skill development, and individual enjoyment. With access to some of the best lacrosse coaches from the NCJLA, the NAofA will only further their high standards for the coaches who lead each program.

youth lacrosse practice


The sport began as stickball by Native American Indians who played it for training, recreation, and religious reasons.  The game has since developed over time into the more popular and, now international, sport of lacrosse. NCJLA joins forces with the NAofA to keep expanding the reach of lacrosse during November, also known as Native American Heritage month.  The timing of this new partnership is a great way to recognize the historical and cultural significance of the sport.

Aaron Locks, CEO, and Founder of the NAofA commented,

“I’m always looking for partners who put the kid’s best interest first. The NCJLA will help the National Academy of Athletics increase staff knowledge, enhance our programs, and help our participants have an even more rewarding experience.”

The NAofA is looking forward to the collaboration with the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association due to its proven track record of providing support in the lacrosse space. As the NAofA and NCJLA join forces, their combined resources will benefit one another’s organizations and, more importantly, the youth in our communities.