National Academy of Athletics is Gearing up for Expansion

Santa Rosa, California – National Academy of Athletics, is excited to announce they have registered their business on the Initial License Offerings (ILOS) Exchange. The company is honored to have been approved to be a part of this exciting, new opportunity to raise capital to support its plans for expansion.

An initial license offering (ILO) is a revenue-based form of raising money for seed-stage and startup stage firms. The ILO Market is about providing a different type of option for companies in the Seed or Startup stage of development. Instead of bank financing or crowdfunding or working with a VC, companies are able to go directly to the market with a licensing proposition that allows them to attract licensees. The ILO is designed to fund businesses so they may grow while allowing their investors to share in the revenue.

The National Academy has had continued success and growth each year, however, has lacked the funding necessary to meet its demand. “We receive emails and phone calls from parents constantly asking us to provide our programs in their communities. Additionally, as a member of the California Parks and Recreation Society, (CPRS) word has gotten out of the advantages of partnering with the NAofA to provide our youth sports programs. I have received phone calls from City Recreational Directors from cities in Arizona, Washington, Texas, and even Canada wanting us to provide their Youth Sports Programs. We have the right formula, and we are ready to share it with the Nation, we just need the funding to make it happen,” said Aaron Locks, CEO and Founder of the National Academy of Athletics.

The NAofA relieves the pressure of balancing City Recreational Departments, Youth Organizations, and Schools budgets. They are able to offer affordable programming to communities and meet these organizations’ staffing demands and restrictions. It allows them to free up more time to focus on all of their other responsibilities and be assured they are offering the highest quality of youth athletics possible to the children in their communities.

When funded by the ILO Exchange program, the National Academy of Athletics will pursue Franchising options. In order to better serve the hundreds of communities currently partnering with the National Academy of Athletics and to meet the ever-growing needs of the communities still looking for their services, they will expand their programs by offering franchised opportunities across the nation. They have already prepared for rapid expansion by developing an Intranet for the ease of training and managing new Area Captains (Territory Managers) and coaching staff. They have also begun the redesign of a new marketing and registration website.

“We are not waiting for the funding, we have already begun preparing. As we onboard new Area Captains, they receive extensive training in all aspects their position requires. Area Captains are hired locally, within the community they serve. Developing our new Intranet has allowed us to connect with our team and effectively communicate our processes. It provides ongoing training and answers to questions no matter where they are located. Most importantly, our Area Captains need to be able to train their coaches to teach Aaron Locks youth sports training methods exactly as he does. His trademarked Talk, Teach, Play® method is where our success lies. Our Intranet allows us to do just that. The money we receive from the ILO Exchange will allow us to expand on our Intranet and finish the redesign of our new website. It will allow us the additional manpower to focus on franchising so we can bring the National Academy to communities across the nation,” said Laree Mancour, the Executive Brand and Marketing Partner.

The National Academy of Athletics is on a mission to bring youth sports to kids throughout the nation. Youth sports build skills such as teamwork, leadership, and responsibility and important life lessons such as competition, perseverance, and sportsmanship. They use sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth. The National Academy of Athletics has already researched and chosen a franchising firm to represent them. If you’re interested in supporting the National Academy on its mission, you may purchase a license HERE. By purchasing an ILO you become a partner in their success by helping them promote their business through your social network and in return you receive royalties based on their revenue.

Anyone interested in bringing any National Academy of Athletics program to their community should contact or visit

About the National Academy of Athletics

We use sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth. We fight to diminish childhood obesity by advocating healthy, active lifestyles. We give kids the opportunity to have fun and meet positive people, such as coaches and parent volunteers, who will mentor them as they grow.

Through inspiration, perspiration, and motivation the amazing team at the National Academy of Athletics provides youth sports programs to boys and girls, ages 4 – 13 in over 80 communities. We offer year-round sports camps and clinics and complete league management by partnering with City Recreation Centers, Youth Organizations and Schools. The National Academy of Athletics programs continues to grow throughout Northern California.

National Academy of Athletics
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