National Academy of Athletics Expands their Executive Team.

Santa Rosa, California – National Academy of Athletics, in its pursuit of creating the most successful youth sports programs in the nation, brings on new Chief Brand/Marketing Executive and Partner, Laree Mancour.

Laree began her career in the hospitality business with the Hyatt Hotels Corporation. She left the Hyatt to jump aboard her first hospitality start-up. There she orchestrated the Company Operations, Business Development, Sales and Marketing Strategies, and managed the Company Financials. After successfully selling to their biggest competitor Discover Resorts, she joined their team to developed their Global Partner Division. She continued to climb the corporate ladder but in 2007 as our Economy crashed, she saw an opportunity for another start-up, her own. She missed the excitement and passion one has for building their own business and launched My Creative Juices. There she packaged together her expertise in management and operations, ability to design and develop websites, create marketing collateral and provided training on how to use the Internet to develop a brand and attract customers through SEO and SMM. For 14 years she successfully worked with many start-ups and small businesses to help launch or grow their brands.

Beyond working with start-up’s, Laree also has a passion for fitness and athletics. A soccer player since the first grade, a personal fitness trainer and aerobic instructor through college, and to this day, a certified group fitness instructor and spin instructor. The National Academy of Athletics was the perfect fit for a long term career.

“I will be honest, it was Aaron Locks that made my decision to come aboard full time with the NAofA. I have never met someone so passionate about their calling. That’s what this company is to Aaron, it is his calling to make sure kids have youth sports in their lives. He believes as I do, that their is no better life lesson then playing group sports as a child. It’s not just about learning to have an active healthy lifestyle, it’s about learning team-work, responsibility, communication, and perseverance. Life is full of ups and downs, wins and losses. Kid’s need to learn it’s okay to lose, to learn from that loss and how to persevere, so they can do better next time–that not everyone gets a trophy every time in LIFE.”

The National Academy of Athletics has had much success in the past 6 years and has grown at a steady pace, but new it was time to take it to the next level. Laree will be taking the lead to solidify and grow their brand and to assure the brand is recognized as the leader in Youth Sports.

“I want our Community Partners and parents to know our shield and what it represents. When cities, schools and leagues choose the National Academy of Athletics as their Youth Sports provider, they can be proud to know they are offering the best of the best to their local communities. Parents will know that their kids are learning confidence, how to cope with challenges, learning to have healthy lifestyles and of course, are having a blast.”

Laree’s first projects are to develop an Intranet website to provide their team with effective communication and training as they prepare for a major growth expansion in the next 3 years. She will also be redesigning their website to affordably and effectively market their programs to their target audiences in each community.

“Our Intranet will assure new territory managers are properly trained using Aaron Locks methods. We must provide the same quality sports programs to communities and the same quality service levels to new Community Partners—It is essential to our success.”

The passion, dedication and hard work that Laree brings to the National Academy of Athletics has already been felt and it is easy to see why they added her to the team.

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The National Academy of Athletics provides high caliber youth sports & athletic programs and services to children, coaches and parents in partnership with city recreation departments, youth sports leagues and organizations, public and private schools and professional sports franchises.


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