NAofA Partnership for Positive Change

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The National Academy of Athletics’ partnership for positive change with Noble One aims to enhance their teaching methods for our youth. The emphasis for these organizations is to promote Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to improve the mental and physical health of the children in our communities.


The missions of both companies seamlessly align. Noble One aims to disrupt the stigma surrounding mental health. The company mentors our youth to overcome social and emotional obstacles. The National Academy of Athletics has adopted a similar focus with their outreach in schools. They have examined studies that reveal how Physical Education is an instrumental part of Social & Emotional Learning. The NAofA has adopted teaching SEL through their physical education programs. This method helps students navigate many of the challenges they face each day. It promotes academic achievement and positive social behavior while reducing conduct problems, substance abuse, and emotional distress.


Noble One advocates, transforms, and empowers children with direction on how to close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. In addition, Noble One’s coaches can be referred to as “Mental Mentors, Kindness Coaches, Soul Stylists, or Emotional Support Humans.” This type of coaching helps direct kids to create their own destiny and identity. The NAofA compliments this vision with their own type of coaches. They utilize physical activity and sports as an outlet to ignite these positive qualities in our youth. Aaron Locks, CEO and Founder of the NAofA, stated, “I’m excited to work with NobleOne. In a time that is needed more than ever, they have incorporated social and emotional learning teachings in a language that the kids can really absorb and apply to their lives.”


The National Academy of Athletics hopes this strategic partnership with NobleOne will create positive change by enhancing their SEL curriculum for children who participate in their programs.

Kristen Rupprecht, owner, and co-founder of Noble One stated, “The National Academy of Athletics aligns seamlessly with our three foundational pillars: coaching, connection, and community. Creating this partnership with an exceptional and like-minded organization like NAofA will expand our missions to reach further into communities focused on youth development with a whole-child approach.”

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Both organizations value Social & Emotional Learning as a powerful and under-appreciated ‘medicine’ for present and future health issues – For the body, mind, and spirit.

“With diverse program offerings inclusive of the 5 components of Social and Emotional Learning, I am confident that NAofA and Noble One will deliver education, skills, and coping strategies for both coaches, participants, and families that focus on balanced physical and emotional well-being for all youth.” -Kristen Rupprecht

The National Academy of Athletics is committed to instilling confidence, optimism, and growth in our youth. They strive to do more than put on “youth sports programs.”  An outlet for children to be active and play sports is an important part of what the NAofA does. However, at their core, the company utilizes athletics to help kids learn important life lessons. Their emotional health is just as important as their physical health. The partnership with Noble One will allow these organizations to bring their passions together to make a positive change in more communities.

About Noble One:

Noble One Conscious Coaching empowers youth to navigate experiences with a positive mindset and mental clarity. Our goal is to assist youth in creating a more meaningful, balanced, and authentic life through social and emotional intelligence. Our Noble One Community network builds in person, hybrid, and virtual relationships to guide youth, parents, and communities to strengthen and balance 5 key areas of youth development through education: social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Our transformational coaching program concentrates on mental well-being, increasing self-awareness, and building successful communication and problem-solving skills that focus on the whole child.