NAofA CEO Meets with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Office Fiji

On February 27th, a remarkable meeting unfolded between representatives from the Ministry of Youth and Sports office in Fiji and Aaron Locks, the CEO of the National Academy of Athletics. This gathering held profound significance, aiming to explore various aspects of Aaron’s renowned training system, Talk.Teach.Play.®, as well as his overarching sports organization and principles.

Throughout the meeting, a robust exchange of ideas, needs, and concepts occurred, with a primary focus on leveraging the expertise of the NAofA to enhance the training of teachers and coaches in Fiji. The objective was crystal clear: to advance the development of sports programs tailored for the nation’s youth. Aaron generously shared innovative strategies, informative handbooks, and publications from his “Coaches Best Friend Series.”

This meeting served as a collaborative platform, fostering knowledge-sharing and cooperation toward the shared goal of enriching sports education and opportunities for Fiji’s youth. Through candid discussions and resource-sharing, both parties laid the jump-off point and groundwork for potential future partnerships and initiatives aimed at fostering sports excellence and empowering the youth of Fiji.

Looking ahead, the group is scheduled to reconvene via Zoom in the coming weeks to explore additional options and solidify plans for expanding this partnership. With a shared vision for growth and development, they aspire to catalyze significant advancements in Fiji’s youth sports programs, training initiatives, and collaborative opportunities.

The philosophical discussion found everyone like-minded in the goals of NAofA to “Transform Kids’ Lives Through The Power of Sports”.

The welfare of youths in the country is one of the Government’s priorities, with a focus on ensuring fair treatment for young Fijians, regardless of ethnicity, social background, or status in the community. To address this, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has implemented opportunities for youths to be empowered and self-sustainable through its Mobile and Specific Skills empowerment and capacity-building training programs.

These programs in the Ministry of Youth and Sports fill a vital gap and address youths who have not succeeded in the formal education sector. To complement this, the Ministry focuses on facilitating youth and sports development through the establishment of a conducive policy environment, strategic support systems, initiatives for personal development, character building, sports policy implementation, and community-based youth-led programs.

To engage and support the Ministry of Youth and Sports office in Fiji, you can find more information at: the Ministry of Youth and Sports Fiji.