Through a virtual-live League Retreat, coaches have the opportunity to boost their team culture and strengthen their team’s performance. The National Academy of Athletics and Noble One Conscious Coaching have partnered to present this program. It is designed to address vital aspects of the sport experience that are often overlooked. Three main topics within this League Retreat include: State of Youth Sports, Social-Emotional Coping Skill, Baseball Skills and Drills Clinic.

Baseball League

Adapting our Sports Leagues

During these rapidly changing times, coaches and parents need to address the needs of the players and kids in our community. Our League Retreat emphasizes proactive solutions to the current obstacles that could be hindering team performance. Aaron Locks, CEO and founder of the NAofA believes,

“These times require additional guidance to help create a safe space for kids, parents, and coaches to return to youth sports. Through our Coaching Retreats, we have been able to give guidance to coaching kids on a variety of different topics. These include their social & emotional health, return to play safety protocols, as well as, sports specific coaching skills and drills.”

The Softball Commissioner at Pleasant Hill Baseball Association, Gary Chang, attended this League Retreat. He commented,

“The social and mental health of sports cannot be overlooked. It is essential to the success of the athlete and team. I came away wanting to hear more.”

This program presents updated drills to enhance individual skill development. In addition, there is an emotional and social component of this event that, in turn, will shape a more well-rounded, healthy athlete.

Using the League Retreat to Connect the Community

This online event is meant to offer relevant information while bringing together vital parts of our community. League directors, coaches, parents, and volunteers all represent an integral part of the child’s experience. This League Retreat presents fundamental tools to keep the sporting environment a positive and supportive one. The National Academy of Athletics and Noble One believes that instilling confidence in our youth is a top priority. Scott Burton, President of the West Sacramento Little League, stated,

“Hearing the importance of connecting with the youth and building a positive relationship with the players was very impactful on our league leadership. Building a positive relationship will motivate your players and will overall improve your team culture.”

Creating a Well-Rounded Athlete

The National Academy of Athletics is on a mission to bring sports to kids throughout the nation. Additionally, they utilize sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth. The partnership with Noble One for the virtual League Retreats incorporates an innovative approach to further the emotional support for these young athletes. Kristen Rupprecht from Noble One stated,

“The future is a whole-child approach to coaching in youth sports where game plans inclusive of both physical and emotional skills will bring on the win! We are proud to partner with the National Academy of Athletics participating in Virtual Coaching Retreats across the nation to address the importance of mental health in youth sports on and off the field.”

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