The NAofA is Proud to Announce its Internships Programs


Santa Rosa, California – Feb 7, 2022 – National Academy of Athletics is proud and delighted to announce its internships programs for candidates. The academy will accept applications for internships from student-athletes interested in gaining practical experience and exposure in order to help build a strong and attractive resume.

National Academy of Athletics is a sports academy located in Santa Rosa, CA. Their mission is to provide Youth Sports Programs to community children throughout the year and develop and flourish the next generation of sports champions, leaders, and influencers.

Internship Programs will allow interns to get a comprehensive overview of athletics in different capacities, such as business management and administration, business operations, public relations, and marketing, game-day operations, event planning, sports management and recreation, promotions, ticket sales, and video operations. They feature amazing programs for children of all ages to introduce them to the fundamentals of team sports, improve athletic performance as well as teach kids important life lessons that are inherent in youth sports.

“We use sports to teach children some of the most important lessons of life that we hope they carry with them into adulthood- teamwork, resilience, accountability, respect, leadership, commitment, and attitude. With our mission to fight childhood obesity, and to ensure social and emotional learningwe make sure kids are having fun, first and foremost! If they are having fun, they will continue to play sports. It is our way of ensuring they learn patience, self-awareness, empathy, collaboration and positivity while maintaining an active healthy lifestyle.

Our entire team is incredibly dedicated to do their part to ensure we make a difference in kids’ lives. Our Internship Program will allow us to help educate college students that are already passionate about the health and fitness industries. That just makes perfect sense.” Said Laree Mancour, Managing Partner and Chief Brand & Marketing Officer.

The NAofA Team

Internship Programs

All Internships that the academy offers are based on hands-on learning modules in one of their five specialties. Student-athletes can customize the internship curriculum in order to meet the goals and standards set by a Higher Learning College or University.

The internship duration or period may range from two to four months to complete, and students can earn one to four college credits, depending on the program they select.

During this wonderful internship, there’s a sincere hope and expectation that a large information exchange will occur. This information exchange will be beneficial and valuable to all parties involved. Hopefully, this experience will be among the most fruitful and meaningful experiences in a student’s college career.

NAofA postgraduate interns will receive benefits and comprehensive training and mentor assignments. They will also receive networking opportunities throughout this amazing experience.

“At the National Academy of Athletics, we not only educate our youth, our coaches, and our Area Captain’s, we support college students by offering them the opportunity to receive college credit and pay while learning from our passionate management team. 

I strongly believe there is no better life skill teaching tool for kids than their participation in youth sports. To be able to offer internships, allowing college students the opportunity to receive college credit, pay, and experience, while making a positive impact on kids in the community is truly a WIN-WIN!” said Founder and CEO of the National Academy of Athletics.

Students looking for an internship that emphasizes meaningful and practical work-related experience can submit an employment application to schedule an interview. Interested student candidates should meet with their college or university advisor in order to be fully prepared before an interview with NAofA and discuss any applicable internship requirements.

How does it Work?

  • Submit a complete application and resume.
  • Interview with an Area Captain per location.
  • Present College or University Internship Paperwork to NAofA.
  • Internship Duties and Timeline Agreement is approved and signed.
  • Schedule a Goal Session Meeting with Aaron Locks through Zoom.
  • Start Training with an Area Captain.
  • Intern engages in functions as described in the Internship Agreement.
  • After the internship, NAofA signs all required documents.
  • The intern will receive an exit interview, letter of completion, and letter of recommendation.

Students interested in applying for one of the above internships can visit

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