7:54 AM CDT July 8, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS — During this coronavirus summer, many parents are still undecided if they should send kids to camp, enroll in a virtual camp or just postpone everything till next year.

It’s a tough decision in the era of social distancing, so let’s look at how camps are trying to keep your kids busy.

Gianna Kordatzky of Family Fun Twin Cities is staying on top of all the activities to occupy kids in and around the Twin Cities during these dog-days of summer, “Summer is not canceled! There are still so many things you can do with your kids. It’s more focused on your individual family as opposed to what’s out in the community.”

Make the outdoors a top priority. Get the kids to the park, on a bike ride, to the beach, and don’t forget, many summer camps are ready to go. Most camps are going to look a little different, but the kids will still have an outlet for all that pent-up energy.

Lots of restrictions and different procedures have been set up to keep kids safe and some activities may be scaled back with group activities handled in acceptable, socially distanced ways.

If you’re skeptical, contact the camp administrator and ask what social distancing procedures have been put in place or you can opt for one of the many virtual camps being offered. The Boy Scouts of AmericaWildlife Conservation Society, and National Academy of Athletics are just some of the organizations offering online activities.

Another perk of virtual camps is they’re usually cheaper and Gianna feels they still allow kids an opportunity to learn and grow and have lots of fun, “Whether it’s a game online with somebody else or building something and following instructions, online camps are doing what they can to keep kids entertained.”