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The NAofA is excited to announce our partnership with Every Kids Sports! We have always strived to work with our City Partners to keep our camps and programs affordable for each community, but sometimes families need a little more help. The Every Kids Sports Pass is available to qualified families that wish to participate in our NAofA League programs.

Every Kid Sports encourages sport sampling, as research shows that playing various sports allows for greater physical literacy, better socialization, and greater enjoyment in being physically and emotionally active. It prepares kids for a lifetime of activity, connection, and positive experiences. Any parent, guardian, or advocate of a child who would like to enroll in a sports program and who qualifies for a government assistance program such as SNAP, WIC, or Medicaid can apply online. Applicants are approved within five days and then provided a gift card to assist them in payment when they register their child. Through the signature program, Every Kid Sports Pass, qualified families could receive up to $150 four times a year, per child, for participation in recreational leagues.

Every Kid Sports Pass Qualifications & Specifics

Please refer to their FAQ page for more information regarding the Every Kid Sports Pass.

Ages and Verifications

Kids, 4-18 years of age, who have supporting documents for SNAP, Medicaid, and/or WIC, qualify.

Registration applications are available for participation in a recreation-level sport hosted by a youth sports organization or school, that’s a minimum of 4 weeks in duration.”

Frequency of Applying

Families can apply four times a year, per child, to ensure year-round participation.

How-to & Timing

Our online application process is simple, private, and fast, with applications being granted within 7-14 days, on average.


Kids are encouraged to play multiple recreational sports to develop well-rounded skills, physical conditioning, and diverse social connections.

Elite and travel team participation is excluded.