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The National Academy of Athletics programs maintains a proven safety track record. We are geared up and prepared to keep kids safe while keeping them active and healthy. Under the expert care of our NAofA Certified staff, kids learn important life lessons while gaining sport-oriented skills. Moreover, kids develop personally and socially by cooperating and effectively communicating with others.

The National Academy of Athletics is ready to adapt and be flexible to provide effective and affordable fitness classes and sports clubs for your community.

The NAofA helps each city partner offer quality sports programs to their community while maintaining or reducing their expenses and balancing their budgets. In 2019, the National Academy of Athletics ran over 900 sports programs in 90 cities. Through a single point of contact, we provide local expertise and resources to our city partners. As a result, top quality and professionally managed youth sports programs run all year long. The NAofA has a proven track record of providing safe and fun youth sports programs to over 500,000 kids…  and counting.

  • Local Leadership in Every County

  • 11 Youth Sports Program Options

  • Year Round Flexible Programming, Scheduling and Tuition’s

  • NAofA Certified, Trained & Fingerprinted Staff

  • In House Design & Marketing Support

  • Full Administrative Services

  • Integration into Local Leagues & Other Youth Organizations

  • Complete Registration Ability

Summer and Holiday Break Programs

Whether children are beginners or more advanced players, the drills taught at these clinics will help them fall in love with different sports. Our sport-specific classes are the perfect place to learn the fundamentals of each sport and allow children to improve their skills while having a blast and making new friends.

• Proper conditioning and warm-ups
• Balance and coordination
• Build motor skills and coordination
• Confidence builder program
• Offense and defensive skills
• Competitions and games
• Individual & team concepts
• Speed and agility
• Teamwork and cooperation

We have developed sports programs for two age groups. We offer our Junior Academy to kids of age 4 – 6, and our NAofA Programs to kids 7 – 13 years olds. For larger programs, we may also break this age group out for kids 7-9 and 10-13 years of age.


CLINICS are 1-2 days in length. Clinics are great for weekends or sport specific development.

DAY CAMPS are 3-5 days in length. Camps are great for Monday – Friday breaks from school. An excellent choice so that you may offer different types of sports programming throughout the summer.

CLUBS are an ongoing series of commitments that take place 1-2 days a week. Clubs are perfect for families looking for a consistent program throughout the summer.

After School Clubs

These clubs are intended for both beginners or more advanced players. After school programs give the children in your community a safe place to stay active and be with friends after school when parents may still need to be at work. The drills taught at these clubs will help children fall in love with active healthy lifestyles. Our sport-specific clubs are the perfect place to learn about different games and fitness while having a blast and making new friends. These 4-6 week-long club will feature:

• Proper conditioning and warm-ups
• Balance and coordination
• Build motor skills and coordination
• Confidence builder program
• Offense and defensive skills
• Competitions and Games
• Individual & team concepts
• Speed and agility
• Teamwork and cooperation

We have developed sports programs for two age groups. Our Junior Academy is developed for ages 4 – 6, and NAofA Programs are intended for kids 7 – 13 years olds.


Monday through Friday – 3 hours per session (15 hours total)
Suggested times, 1pm – 4pm or 2pm – 5pm


National Academy of Athletics can manage your entire league. From registration processing, uniform acquisition, volunteer coach training, to game-day coordination. We can do it all.


The NAofA has over 200 partnerships with City Recreation Departments, Youth Sports Leagues, Schools, Boy & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and Private Youth Sports Organizations. With additional school community partners, we can continue to grow to be the preferred youth sports provider in California. Our goal is to provide our active lifestyle programs to kids throughout the nation.


Chris Meyer Community Partner

“Working with National Academy of Athletics has been a total collaboration from the start. They have been easy to work with, professional and simply want to provide the best recreational sports experience for children possible. This partnership has helped the City of Rocklin double the recreational sports programs that it can offer to its residents and their families.”

Chris Meyer, Recreation Coordinator, Rocklin Community Center

“I wanted to convey to you what an improvement PE is for my kids. Izzy has been showing me what she is learning at PE and I am VERY impressed that she now knows how to do squats, sit ups, plank, and so much more. Both my kids are really enjoying the activities they are doing as well as the teachers. They really respect Coach Ben and Coach Quest and seem to have a better appreciation for PE in general.  I am a strong believer in physical education – teaching kids the importance of moving their bodies and how to use them. So glad this is being taught to our kids!” 

Parent , Glenwood Elementary School, San Rafael

“This is our third year using the National Academy of Athletics Fitness Through Fundamentals. Their administration is very responsive, their instructors are prompt and enthusiastic and our students love the program.”

Tracy Kendal, Principal, Mark West Elementary School

As your Community Partner, allow us to help you so your community may thrive!

Exercise helps relieve stress and anxiety and equips children with the necessary tools to lead happier healthier lifestyles.

Your Community Center can be the SOLUTION FOR YOUR COMMUNITY!

What is your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement?2023-05-23T09:11:35-07:00

At the National Academy of Athletics, we are committed to fostering an environment that embraces diversity, promotes inclusivity, and upholds principles of equity. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves equal opportunities, respect, and a sense of belonging. This commitment extends to our staff, families, kids in our care, and community partners, and it is at the core of everything we do.

  1. Staff: We strive to cultivate a diverse team of staff members who bring unique perspectives, experiences, and talents to our camp. We value and respect the diversity of our staff, including but not limited to their race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, & socio-economic background. We are dedicated to creating a supportive & inclusive work environment that encourages open dialogue, professional growth, and equal opportunities for all staff members.
  2. Families: We welcome & embrace families from all backgrounds, cultures, and family structures. We strive to create an inclusive and safe space where families feel respected, valued, and heard. We encourage open communication and actively seek feedback from families to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met. Our goal is to create a collaborative partnership with families that enhances the experience of every child in our camp community.
  3. Community Partners: We actively seek partnerships with community organizations and groups that share our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. By collaborating with like-minded organizations, we aim to amplify our impact and promote positive change in our broader community. We are dedicated to building relationships that foster understanding, mutual respect, and equal opportunities for all.
  4. Program & Environment: Our programs are designed to celebrate & embrace diversity, promoting cultural awareness, inclusivity, and a sense of belonging among all campers. We provide a safe and supportive environment where children can explore their interests, develop their skills, and build meaningful connections with their peers. We are committed to eliminating any barriers that prevent equal access to our programs and strive to accommodate the diverse needs of our campers.
  5. Continuous Improvement: We understand that diversity, inclusion, and equity are ongoing journeys. We are committed to regularly reviewing and improving our policies, practices, and programs to ensure that they align with our values and meet the evolving needs of our camp community. We will actively listen to feedback, engage in education and training, and adapt our approach to create a more inclusive and equitable camp experience for all.

At the National Academy of Athletics, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are not just ideals but essential elements that enrich our camp community. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that embraces and celebrates the unique qualities of each individual. By promoting equity and providing equal opportunities for all, we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and empowering space where everyone can thrive and experience the joy of sports, teamwork, and personal growth.

This statement serves as a foundational commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at the National Academy of Athletics and will guide our actions as we work towards a more inclusive future.
How does the process for drop off and pick up work?2022-04-07T09:02:39-07:00

Our goal is to provide a safe, timely & easy check-in/check-out process for everyone – and we need your help! When arriving, please walk up to the check-in staff, wearing our “red” coach shirt, and be prepared to answer a short series of screening questions. Staff confirms the parent’s mobile phone number to be reached in case of emergency.

Each camper must be checked out by an adult designated on the camper’s registration form unless prior arrangements have been approved by the Camp Director. Campers are not allowed to check themselves out. Check-out time varies for each camp, so please refer to the camper confirmation email or call the Corporate Office at 866.90.SPORT for the specific camp check-out time.

What is the supervision ratio?2022-04-07T12:53:37-07:00

Our staff of energetic coaches is placed in each camp with a maximum camper-to-coach ratio of 10-1 for ages 4 – 6 and 12 – 1 for ages 7 – 13

What is the age range of your staff?2022-02-08T08:54:17-08:00

Our staff members are typically college and graduate students. Some of our coaching staff are high school students and are considered aids to the directing coach at camp.

What training does your staff receive?2023-01-25T07:32:53-08:00

Each applicant goes through an interview and, if qualified, is fingerprinted and their background checked. Once cleared, they must pass the mandated reporter training, the ORCAS concussion protocol training, and the sexual abuse & molestation awareness program. They then complete our Talk.Teach.PLAY!® trademarked teaching method training, Challenging Child, NAofA Bully Prevention program, and provide us with proof of current TB & tetanus clearance. In addition, they show current proof of vaccination for Covid and are updated on current Covid-19 protocols following the CDC, State, individual county, and city guidelines.

What are your COVID-19 safety guidelines?2023-01-25T07:36:18-08:00

Our priority is the safety of the children in our care and our staff. The NAofA follows the CDC, state, county, and city guidelines, for each territory we provide our services.  We monitor and update our procedures to meet or exceed the most recent guidelines.

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