The NAofA helps each city partner offer quality sports programs to their community while maintaining or reducing their expenses and balancing their budgets. In 2019, the National Academy of Athletics ran over 800 sports programs in 90 cities. Through a single point of contact, we provide local expertise and resources to our city partners. As a result, top quality and professionally managed youth sports programs run all year long. The NAofA has a proven track record of providing safe and fun youth sports programs to over 300,000 kids…  and counting.

The NAofA Provides

  • Local Leadership in Every County

  • 11 Youth Sports Program Options

  • Year Round Flexible Programming, Scheduling and Tuition’s

  • NAofA Certified, Trained & Fingerprinted Staff

  • In House Design & Marketing Support

  • Full Administrative Services

  • Integration into Local Leagues & Other Youth Organizations

  • Complete Registration Ability

The NAofA uses sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth. We will continue fighting to diminish childhood obesity by advocating healthy, active lifestyles. See our available sports programs below!


The NAofA provides your City Recreation Managers with a professionally trained Area Captain to work along side you to manage your Youth Sports Programs. Summer time should offer affordable, safe, fun-filled days of playing for kids in your community. Our programs are developed by professional athletes and coaches. They are able to provide strong character development through an early introduction to sports. We teach sports in a way that kids have fun! As a result, the youth develops a healthy interest in sports and an understanding of the rules and skills needed to compete.


We have developed sports programs for two age groups. School Break Programs are perfect for boys and girls grades 1 – 8. Our Juniors Academy is great for boys and girls 3 – 6 years old.

Each School Break Camp varies in length. Most sessions are offered from 9am – 3pm or 9am – noon. From beginners to more experienced players, whether they want to improve their skills or just compete, we have something that will motivate and challenge everyone! Our certified staff delivers an extraordinary camp experience to every camper.



When school is out, fun is in. These programs are offered from holiday breaks to teacher work days. They provide an engaging way for children to build a healthy interest in sports. Our program curriculum has been developed by professional athletes and certified coaches. In turn, they provide strong character development through an early introduction to sports.

We have developed sports programs for two age groups. School Break Programs are perfect for boys and girls grades 1 – 8. Our Juniors Academy is great for boys and girls 3 – 6 years old. Each School Break Camp varies in length. Most sessions are offered from 9am – 3pm or 9am – noon.

The National Academy of Athletics programs maintain a proven safety track record. Under the expert care of our staff, campers learn sport-oriented skills. Moreover, kids develop personally and socially by cooperating with others.



To deliver a quality youth sports league, it takes the right combination of recreation staff and volunteer parents. The National Academy of Athletics works with you to seamlessly provide a positive sports experience for every player. Registration, engaging the parents, uniform acquisition, officials, volunteer coach training, and game-day coordination- We can do it all.



These innovative programs are presented in an enthusiastic, engaging and positive manner.
Instruction is presented by our NAofA Certified Coaches, whom are former college and ex-professional athletes.

Each Day Features:
• Warm Up
• 3 Skills & Drills Sessions
• Wrap Up

Each Camp Features:

5 Days of material that can be done in the participant’s home, yard or garage.
The drills and skills can all be completed in small spaces with minimal equipment. Equipment, if required, is noted
at the beginning of each video.
Once purchased, the videos can be viewed through the Internet, on TV, mobile phone and tablet, on demand for up
to 30 days.

Registration Options

1. Cities manages registrations:
• We provide a list of 50 unique links/codes per series offered
• Recreation Partner markets programs via website, email and social media.
• One code provided per customer- no duplicates. Codes sold are tracked by city.
• Code activation begins on the first day used by the participant and is valid for 30 days.
• Customer must continue to use the provided link to access the program.
• Our company provides customer service and operational support to your Recreation Department team.
Note: (we can only see which codes have been used after they are sold and activated.)
• NAofA profit share 80% mailed monthly with detailed enrollment roster.

2. NAofA manages registrations:
• We provide the complete registration process online and pay the credit card processing fees.
• Our company handles all customer service inquiries, calls, emails and program questions directly with the purchaser.
• You will provide the NAofA with a list of your communities zip codes (up to 5) in order to track your sales.
• Recreation Partner profit share 20% mailed monthly with detailed enrollment roster.

Getting Started is Easy:

• Decide who will take registration.
• Sign agreement documentation.
• Add camps to your Youth Sports Programs
• Inform your community of the available camps using your website, social media and newsletter.

• Additional codes can be provided as needed.
• Set up time approximately 24 hours.

The NAofA has over 100 partnerships with City Recreation Department’s, Youth Sports Leagues, Schools, Boy & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s and Private Youth Sports Organizations. With additional school community partners, we can continue to grow to be the preferred youth sports provider in California. Our goal is to provide Youth Sports to kids throughout the nation.


Chris Meyer Community Partner

“Working with National Academy of Athletics has been a total collaboration from the start. They have been easy to work with, professional and simply want to provide the best recreational sports experience for children possible. This partnership has helped the City of Rocklin double the recreational sports programs that it can offer to its residents and their families.”

Chris Meyer, Recreation Coordinator, Rocklin Community Center

“I wanted to convey to you what an improvement PE is for my kids. Izzy has been showing me what she is learning at PE and I am VERY impressed that she now knows how to do squats, sit ups, plank, and so much more. Both my kids are really enjoying the activities they are doing as well as the teachers. They really respect Coach Ben and Coach Quest and seem to have a better appreciation for PE in general.  I am a strong believer in physical education – teaching kids the importance of moving their bodies and how to use them. So glad this is being taught to our kids!” 

Parent , Glenwood Elementary School, San Rafael

“This is our third year using the National Academy of Athletics Fitness Through Fundamentals. Their administration is very responsive, their instructors are prompt and enthusiastic and our students love the program.”

Tracy Kendal, Principal, Mark West Elementary School