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Have you been dreaming of owning your own business? Do you love, sweat and bleed Youth Sports? Look no further!

The National Academy of Athletics has an incredible brand reputation, and is in demand! We have territories in need of the right people! Cities are begging us to bring our programs to their communities. Now could be just the right time for you to become our next NAofA Area Captain!


If you’re wondering how complicated it is to start a Youth Sports Business, or wondering if you have what it takes, first off, don’t let your prior professional experience stop you from finding out. We look for a number of qualities in prospective business partners: a willingness to work hard, entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to growing a business, and excitement about our business model are a few.

We are eager to partner with passionate, sports-minded entrepreneurs who enjoy working with kids. Extensive experience in early childhood and physical education isn’t necessary. If you love kids and believe in making a difference in their health and well-being, and love sports, and believe there is no better way for a child to learn valuable life lessons than playing youth sports, then we will teach you the rest! All it takes is your passion and drive to be successful.



If you are excited about this opportunity, don’t wait. Please provide your address so we can see if a territory is available near you! 

Wondering if this is the right opportunity for you? Read on!



You may be wondering how can you be successful with so much competition already established within your community? Perhaps you have seen signage around your communities offering competitive Youth Sports Leagues, there are at least 1 or 2 Parks and Recreation Centers within each of your cities, several YMCA’s, single-sport “mom & pop” organizations and maybe more.

The National Academy of Athletics isn’t just another one of those Youth Sports Organizations trying to compete for business- we are ALL OF THOSE organizations wrapped into one! We ARE the sports programs the Parks and Recreation Centers offer. We ARE the ones running the Leagues, (or preparing the Leagues to have a great season!) We ARE running the programs at the YMCA’s! We ARE the Physical Education instructors at schools!

We aren’t competing against them, we’ve developed a business model that offers an easier, better and more profitable SOLUTION to all these types of organizations. We’ve created a business model that’s so simple to master and implement that in just a few weeks you will be up and running and you’ll feel completely confident running your business. Furthermore, we’re here to show you the ropes, so an excitement about your new endeavor is key, but you don’t need prior experience running your own business.


NAofA Team

Our Area Captains come from a wide range of backgrounds, from corporate professionals looking for more freedom to work from home and to do something they actually love, moms and dads looking for a fun job that involve sports and kids, to Realtors with free time to do something AWESOME to give back to their communities, and teachers looking for additional income. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and can follow directions, you can run this business!

We positively impact children’s lives on and off the field through our trademarked teaching curriculums, NAofA Certified coaches, and youth sports curriculum designed to teach fundamentals, fitness, and FUN!


Our sports programs for kids are specifically designed to help players of all abilities. The goal is to have tons of fun, learn sport-specific skills, and gain confidence, optimism, and growth on and off the field. We teach children about success, failure, and what it means to be part of a team.

Teaching Youth Sports the Way They Were Meant to be Taught

It is the mission of the National Academy of Athletics to provide Youth Sports Programs to community children throughout the year. During the school year, we work with schools to fulfill their Physical Education requirements mandated by the Department of Education. Instead of kids standing around outside with an English or History teacher, our team steps in to instruct actual Physical Education programs for kids. The NAofA sports programs for kids put the fun back into PE! The teacher also appreciates not having the responsibility of teaching PE and favor the time to work on their lesson plans or grade papers. It’s a true win-win!

During the school year, we work with municipalities to also provide NAofA sports programs for kids during breaks, holidays, and teacher workdays. This offers parents the ability to leave their kids with us while they may still need to go to work. It offers kids a great way to get active, stay healthy, and have fun during their school breaks. Parents can either find our camps at their local Community Center or right at their school.

Partnering with Municipalities that Need Our Help

Municipalities throughout the state of California have partnered with the NAofA to provide the children in their communities with the best sports programs out there! By partnering with the NAofA we offer these cities a solution to provide a local Area Captain, the best coaches, a wide variety of sports to choose from, and an easier way for them to balance their staffing and budgets. During Summers you’ll find NAofA sports programs for kids at over 100 locations.

Youth Leagues value the support the NAofA provides. When we partner with a league, we provide training courses for volunteer parents, coaches, and referees. Our courses get everyone involved in working together. Volunteer parents, who often have never coached or managed a team before, become much more confident and are much more successful at keeping kids excited about playing. The NAofA will also take over the entire management of a League for schools and municipalities that are in need.

Sports Should be FUN for Kids

NAofA sports programs for kids are designed to provide children with a safe, fun, and educational youth sports experience. We offer a wide variety of programs ranging from our one-day clinics to week-long camps and so many sports from which to choose.

In a short time, we have grown from 3 locations to over 100. We continuously receive requests from cities to bring our programs their way and we are doing our best to meet the demand. It is our mission to bring our quality youth sports programs to children across the nation.



Youth sports is a huge business, with more than 60 million participants annually in the U.S., according to a study by the National Institutes of Health, and it generates billions of dollars in revenue. It will just keep getting bigger during the next few decades, as some research estimates the population of kids to reach more than 80 million by 2030.

Regardless of the economy, or even a pandemic, sports are among the few things parents and kids can’t live without. Parents know the importance of getting their kids involved in sports. The chance to be around other kids, have fun, and be active is vital to every child. It is also vital to parents that need an activity for their children while they are at work. The NAofA is an affordable solution as our programs are always priced according to our Community Partner’s needs. We do not want kids left behind due to cost.

Key Benefits of this Business

We’ve created a proven and time-tested model that will help you run your business. No guess work needed.

  • Low Overhead – No need to own or rent a field or facility
  • Payment Plans- For the right person, we’ll help you finance the purchase of your territory
  • Captive Audience – We take our program to the communities who need us. We partner with Community Recreation Centers, School, Leagues and Youth Programs like the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Established Support – Our Area Captains are backed by seasoned professionals in sales, marketing, coaches training and more
  • Established Brand – with an AWESOME reputation
  • Intranet- An internal online website that has all your answers to running your business

If you like sports and want to make a living doing something you love, while having a positive impact on your community then contact the National Academy today.

Call 707-791-7593 or 1.866.90.SPORTS or email us at info@NAofA.us

play ball


If you are excited about this opportunity, don’t wait. Please provide your address so we can see if a territory is available near you! 

Wondering if this is the right opportunity for you? Read on!



Based on years of experience and data that we’ve collected, we have a very accurate business model designed to make your territory successful. We develop successful territories by researching your target audience within your zip codes and determining your target Community Partners within your cities.

Your territory is configured based on the number of kids (i.e., population) under the age of 14 in your surrounding area and the territory’s ability to support multiple Community Partners that can bring year-round revenue to your business.

A successful territory is created when we are able to successfully contract Community Partners that also see the value in finding a WIN-WIN-WIN. The Community Partner gets to offer our programs to their community, the negotiate price makes the programs affordable to their community, the negotiated price allows the NAofA to service the Community with our AWESOME programs and make a profit.

Your role as an Area Captain is to service your Community Partners, make the entire experience with Parents incredibly easy and affordable, and to make sure your Coaches are managed and trained to provide your kids with the BEST YOUTH SPORTS PROGRAMS available.


Your territory earning potential is truly dependent on your effort and your ability to follow our model. The team at the National Academy of Athletics will provide all of the tools necessary for you to make your territory profitable. Results are largely determined by how many Community Partners you acquire, how aggressively you market your programs to the community, and how well you oversee your coaches make sure they are using the NAofA signature teaching methods, and that the feedback from children is nothing but FUN and LAUGHTER.

To request a copy of our free Territory Report, and answer any questions you may have, please fill out the Territory Request Form and we’ll follow up with more information soon.

Area Captains make money primarily through the registration fees paid by participants to play in our leagues, camps, clinics, school PE programs, and after-school and holiday break programs. Our territory owners build market share by acquiring contracts from each type of Community Partner.  When you work with a variety of Community Partners you are able to market different types of programs to the same database of participants. You will develop a loyal following to different types of programs that you will offer throughout the year. In addition to registration fees, our Area Captains generate supplemental revenue from fulfilling the role as a Camp Director or Physical Education Specialist at any of the programs you choose. This can add thousands of dollars to your net each month.

The initial investment to set up your Partnership Agreement will range from as low as $38,000 to $85,000 depending on the size of the territory purchased. Price can also vary based on how established the territory is. We have several territories currently available for sale that already have Community Partnership contracts in place.


If we determine we found a qualified person to become an Area Captain Partner, we may offer a payment plan in which you only need to pay a deposit for your territory. This 3-year agreement will allow you to become an Area Captain and have the first right of refusal of the territory. You will make monthly payments based on your earnings until the territory is paid in full. For those who follow our business model and put in the hard work to establish relationships and grow your business, you’ll find your territory will be paid off in no time.

This way you can launch your business, follow our proven business model, and receive all the support you need to be a successful business owner. 

In addition to the price of buying your territory, there are other costs that you would need to budget when you open your business. For instance, although Corporate pays to market the brand, you may need to spend some additional money on marketing fees. Although we INCLUDE a full supply of NAofA logoed equipment in your business in a box, you will occasionally need to replenish your equipment. You will have insurance costs, software usage fees, training expenses, etc. This will all be laid out for you so there is no guess-work to creating your Business Budget.

As your Community Partner what will my responsibilities be?2022-04-07T12:51:13-07:00


Negotiating contracts with cities to provide services for camps.
–Fall and Winter – Sport Specific
–Spring- Sport Specific
–Summer- Sports Specific
Selling League Support Programs to Leagues.
–Coaches/Players/Parent Clinics
-League Management
Selling NAofA Products to Schools
–Fitness through Fundamentals (PE Supplementation Course)
–Before/After School Programs
–School Holiday Break Programs
Selling our Products to Parents


  • Complete management of a Youth Sports Business
  • Develop Community Partnerships
  • Secure Facilities
  • Develop and Run Our Sports Programs
  • Hire & Train Your Staff
  • Effectively Market & Promote Our Programs
  • Bi-Weekly Conference Calls with Corporate

Your participation in conference calls are mandatory to connect with the Corporate Office. Different dates and times are offered to work with everyones schedules.


Marketing NAofA Programs to Cities, Schools & Leagues

Marketing NAofA Programs to Parents

Marketing positions to recruit coaches


  • Relationship Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Use of Registration Software
  • Event Promotion
  • Event Coordination
  • Signage Placement
  • Constant Contact


You will be responsible for marketing Camp Director and Camp Coach positions, interviewing, hiring, processing paperwork and managing your team.


You will use the Corporate Payroll Software to manage your staff and submit and approve payroll.

What are the minimum qualifications to purchase a territory?2020-06-22T15:49:10-07:00
  • You must love kids
  • You must love sports
  • You must live in the territory you want to purchase
  • Have at least $40,000 in liquid capital
  • Have a FICO credit score above 640
  • Have a clean background report from the Department of Justice
Why Youth Sports is an Amazing Business Opportunity2020-06-22T13:31:20-07:00
  • 30 – 40 million kids play organized sports each year!
  • There is a huge demand and need for high quality sports programs
  • There is a huge demand for returning to youth recreational sports vs. youth competitive sports
  • Not only is this a fun business, but it is an opportunity to truly help the kids in your territory grow up to be healthy, confident, productive adults.
  • You will have incredible networking opportunities, and will become the local “superhero.”
  • Expect to hugged and given high-fives in grocery stores.
  • Your new name around town will be “Coach”
  • Get paid to make kids happy!
What qualities makes a great Area Captain?2020-06-22T13:27:02-07:00
  • Leaders/team builders
  • Gregarious
  • Multitaskers
  • Networkers
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Organized planners
  • Growth-oriented
  • Interested in making a difference while making a living
How long will it take to be up and running?2020-06-22T13:23:11-07:00

Less than 30 days! Or less, depending on you! After signing on the dotted line, you’ll receive your “Business in a Box” filled with everything you need to run your first Youth Sports camp! You will have one-on-one time immediately with the key members of our management team that will make sure you are comfortable and confident in your roll.  You will be given access to our Intranet which contains all the information you need to learn the ropes, begin networking with confidence, signing up Community Partners, and scheduling your programs!

What are the key benefits of this business?2020-06-22T13:17:18-07:00
  • Home Based Business
  • Turn-Key System
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Low Start-Up and Overhead
  • Proven Business Model since 2009
  • Comprehensive Training
  • On-Going Support
  • Protected Territory
  • Brand Recognition
  • Low Flat-Rate Royalties
  • One week-long comprehensive training at our corporate office in California
  • Online Support
  • Security/Safety Procedures
  • Field Operations Training
  • Proprietary Registration Software
  • Intranet Platform
  • Marketing Support
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Ad Templates
  • Regional Advertising
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Email marketing
What training and support programs do you offer?2020-06-22T09:17:30-07:00
  • One week-long comprehensive training via ZOOM with the Founder & CEO, the Chief Brand & Marketing Executive, the Area Captain Manager and Corporate Office Manager
  • Five days of Field Training in your territory
  • On-going support with bi-weekly team conference calls and weekly CEO newsletters
  • Extensive support developing your online presence
  • Connecting you with other veteran Area Captains
  • Business Consulting & Leadership Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Community & Partnerships

We are committed to your success!!

What marketing support do you offer?2020-06-22T09:13:09-07:00

Team focused on building brand reputation and awareness while providing local marketing support.

  • Professional, polished marketing materials that can be customized to include local information
  • In-house graphic designer available for custom design needs – from brochures, Social Media headers, flyers, signage to car-wraps
  • Local social media page setup and training with ongoing content and training to be utilized by Area Captain in their local territory
  • Professional imagery, messaging and video content
  • Territory-specific landing pages with local editing capabilities
  • Seasonal campaign development and materials
  • Training, support and consultation on all things marketing including best practices, local marketing & event strategy, public relations, local partnerships, social media and digital marketing
  • Marketing Support from Corporate
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Ad Templates
  • Regional Advertising
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Website development
  • Email marketing
Is an Area Captain a part-time or full-time career opportunity?2020-06-21T16:55:22-07:00

Owning and operating a NAofA territory is a full-time career opportunity. Owning and operating your own business offering multiple sports programs, at multiple locations, four seasons a year, you will have to stay on top of it! As each season starts, you are preparing for the next upcoming season.

What sports can I operate?2020-06-21T16:55:55-07:00

You will have the rights to use our curriculums for:
NAofA Flag Football, NFL Flag, Soccer, Basketball, NBA Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse™, All Sorts of Sports, Volleyball, Tennis, Dodgeball, Flag Rugby, RSP and Cheerleading.


If you are excited about this opportunity, don’t wait. Please provide your address so we can see if a territory is available near you! 

We are rapidly growing, secure your territory before it is gone!

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