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Your information will be kept confidential. It will only be reviewed by the Director of Territory Growth and the Owners of the National Academy of Athletics. We will use this information to determine the success and profitability of the territory of interest, which we will discuss with you on our call.

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    Territory Requested:

    Do you have a background in sports?

    Do you have a background working with children?

    What sports you are comfortable teaching?

    How did you hear about NAofA?

    Have you ever started your own business? What happened?

    How long have you thought about being an entrepreneur or business owner?

    Why do you want to start a new business?

    What jobs have you had in the past that you feel will help you to be successful with the National Academy of Athletics?

    What do you believe is your greatest challenge with owning your own business?

    Do you have obligations or limitations that you are concerned may prevent you from investing the time needed to start a new business?

    How much time can you devote to a new business opportunity?

    Have you ever been convicted for any crime, including sex-related or child-abuse related offenses


    We have found that the following characteristics have been instrumental in order to be successful with the National Academy of Athletics. We suggest that you do a self-evaluation to see if these are qualities that you possess.

    Beyond a love for sports, athletics, and helping kids live healthy lives, an Area Captain must embody an entrepreneurial spirit needed to be successful. The following are traits and skills (in no particular order) that the National Academy of Athletics has found in our most successful Area Captains. Please rate yourself to help see if this is truly a perfect fit for you.

    1)Not at all - 2) Once in a while - 3) Sometimes - 4) Most of the time - 5) Always

    Creative 12345
    Collaborative 12345
    Decisive 12345
    Enthusiastic 12345
    Execution 12345
    Leadership 12345
    Organized 12345
    People Person 12345
    Persuasive 12345
    Self-Motivated 12345
    Versatile 12345
    Visionary 12345

    So that we may get an idea of your background please provide a recent resume.

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