coaches going thru drills training
Parents engaged at positive parent seminar

Parents & Coaches

Looking to improve the youth sports experience?

If you are a parent, a coach, a league president or board member, we can help!

Our seminars are interactive and filled with quality, hands on materials that will help your league to provide a more amazing sports experience.

The National Academy of Athletics believes that in order to have a truly successful and positive sports experience, any team needs to use a 3-pronged approach. When you have the players, parents and coaches all on the same page with a common goal, things just run smoother! 

The ultimate common goals is to get everyone on the same page or LIKE-MINDED!

Now remember we must define the team goals and what success is to you the coach. Some will define it in wins and losses. Some will define it in fun and others will define it in terms of how much the players improved. We like to define success as some combination of the aforementioned.


We offer quality programs for Parents & Coaches:

• Coaches Retreats 

• Positive Parent Seminars

• Parent & Child Clinics