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FREE GIFT!  As a special thank you for placing your trust in us and allowing us to guide your child,  we have a gift for both you and your child.  Go here to get your free ebook "The 10 Commandments To Being A Great Sports Parent" and a special "8 Minutes to Confidence" guided visualization to help your child boost their confidence:"

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Video Series

Aaron Locks is your host and instructor in this training.  28 years of experience working with over 100,000 kids in his youth sports programs will be delivered to you in these modules.  Aaron’s systems and processes are time-tested and proven so you can eliminate the guess work.  Maximizing the experience for the kids is what maximizes it for you. Secrets of Successful Youth Sports Coaching. This DVD series is specifically designed to help youth sports coaches, for all team sports, to have a better experience, be more effective as a coach and help thier players to maximize the experience. Aaron has also produced a DVD series for parents of kids who play team sp