Flag Football Programs

These non-contact Flag Football programs are great for boys and girls. Players are grouped by age and ability to learn appropriate drills, skills, and techniques and teamwork in a positive and structured environment. In addition, children will have an opportunity to develop leadership skills and build self-esteem as they improve their technique. Emphasis will be on proper warm-ups, footwork drills, agility, passing, receiving, and game strategies. Feel good sending your kids to a football program that’s in a fun and safe environment with a motivating and positive coaching staff.

Children will practice, develop skills and play in competitions and games each session. Everyone will be encouraged to try all offensive and defensive positions. A great way for your child to run, pass, catch, laugh and play all while learning the sport of Football. Program incorporates activities that focus on developing the skills involved in the sport of Football.

These camps help players learn to fall in love with the sport of Football. Campers are challenged each day to do their best as they learn, play and compete. Sessions are offered in 3 or 5 day programs and parents may choose half day, 9am - noon or full day 9am - 3pm for the week.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Game Days, 1 Day Clinics, 3 on 3 Tournaments, Parent & Child Clinics, Coaching Clinics and more...

Upcoming Camp Dates:

Oct 18 - 18



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SPRING & SUMMER 2014 - Our RUN-PASS-CATCH Flag Football Camps are great for boys and girls ages 6-8 and 9-12. Campers are grouped by age and ability to learn appropriate drills, skills, and techniques. 

These sessions are offered at different locations throughout Northern California. See Schedule for Details

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