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Our HIGH SPIRIT Cheer and Dance programs are designed to help girls & boys learn the individual skills to become more confident leading cheers and performing in front of crowds. Our cheer and Dance programs pack a ton of cheer and dance fundamentals within each session, as well as simple fun routines and lessons! The staff guides the young athletes through the process of improving their individual skills, while developing their confidence and understanding of basic cheer concepts and skills. Each day the participants are asked to do their very best. The focus will be on individual techniques as well as working together to help their regular cheer and dance coaches have a solid foundation to build upon. In addition, children will have an opportunity to develop leadership skills and build self-esteem as they improve their technique. Feel good sending your kids to a cheer and dance program that’s in a fun and safe environment with a motivating and positive coaching staff.

Children will practice, develop skills and play in competitions and routines each session. Everyone will be encouraged to try their best. Whether a beginner or intermediate cheer leader, the skills taught at this program will help them improve. The skills covered during this program will include hand, arm, and leg motions, basic formations and lines combined with a few general chants for rhythm and timing. By the end of the program the participants will have had a lot of fun and be familiar with the basics of cheer and dance. in a positive and energetic environment.

These camps help players learn to fall in love with the sport of Cheer and Dance. Campers are challenged each day to do their best as they learn, play and compete. Sessions are offered in 3 or 5 day programs and parents may choose half day, 9am - noon or full day 9am - 3pm for the week.

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At camp, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of cheerleading technique all the way to the more advanced stunts and tumbling passes. Camp participants will be split into stunting groups according to age and then skill level. If you are a beginner who has never stunted before, this is the perfect camp for you to gain your first experience and learn stunting technique right the first time! If you are experienced in stunting and want to improve your skills and learn advanced stunts, this is the perfect camp for you!

The National Academy of Athletics offers you the best experience possible. The coaching staff will strive to help you improve your cheerleading and stunting skills no matter what level you are at. This is a cheer camp you don’t want to miss! Each day the participants are asked to do their very best.  The skills covered during this camp will include motions, jumps, tumbling and stunts. Also up-to-date dances and general cheers & chant for rhythm and timing.

These sessions are offered at different locations throughout Northern California. 

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