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The National Academy of Athletics prides itself on providing camps that are not ordinary, they are extraordinary!

If your child likes sports, they will love these camps and clinics offered by the National Academy of Athletics! The experienced, positive and passionate staff coaches will help them become a better, more inspired athlete.  And they’ll have a great time gaining new skills and making new friends.

The National Academy of Athletics programs maintain a proven safety track record. Under the expert care of our sports camp coaches and directors, campers not only learn individual, sport-oriented skills, but also develop personally and socially, learning teamwork and building character and life skills through sports.

From beginners to experts, whether they want to improve their skills or just compete, we have something that will motivate and challenge everyone!  Take a look at the calendar to find a camp that fits your needs. If you have questions, feel free to call our friendly staff and we can help.   

To accommodate busy summer schedules and younger athletes, most of our Sports Camps are available in a full-day or half-day option—parents and campers choose the option that best fits their needs.  If you know what sport you are looking for, just click on your sport of choice and you can find out more about the programs we offer.





NOTE: We attempt to keep the camp fees as low as possible while proviing the best sports experience - The camp tuitions do vary from area to area - that is based upon the facility fees -

As a parent I would like to say thank you to all the National Academy of Athletics coaches for proving that no matter how large a group, individual attention and positive affirmation is still possible when coaching youth sports. As a personal trainer and football coach for that last 15 years my hat goes off to Aaron Locks for creating such a fun, safe, challenging and well planned environment for kids of all ages to learn how to move in their bodies while learning the game of Football. My only regret is that I hadn't found this camp sooner great work today, my son had an awesome time and can't wait to show up tomorrow!    LeRoy McGrue, DAD