California Basketball Officiating Academy


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SESSION V   NB Courts - Livermore         

August 21 - 23, 2015              Friday 5:30pm - 9pm            Saturday 9am - 8pm      Sunday 9am - 4pm
Early Enrollment  $99              Late Enrollment $119 (after August 10th)

These camps are personally directed by Aaron Locks. He and his staff are here to help give you honest feedback and evaluations.


SESSION V  at NB Courts          2 person and 3 person High School
Emphasis will be on 2 & 3 Person High School positioning, mechanics and game management. Perfect for officials who are 1-5 years experience. The staff will consist of college and top level high school officials, observers and trainers from throughout Northern California. This Academy is offered in conjunction with the NB Courts Varsity Level Tournament. 

Each camp includes:
Video Taping    Video Review      Clinics        Court Clinics       Games        Game Mgmt. Seminar

NOTE: These camps are not affiliated with any local Refereeing association, and we can not guarantee you a better schedule next season.  With that said, to get better officials need to work games in a controlled environment and receive relevant feedback to help you get better.  If you are looking for an ego stroke or to be told how good you are, please don’t register... However, if you are a referee who wants to improve... you will get something to make you better!

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