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2016 Summer Schedule 
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Whether you are new to officiating or have some years under your belt, if you are trying to gain skills to improve your comfort on the floor with your partner(s) or seek guidance on how to make the transition from umpire to lead official, this program is a can’t miss opportunity. We at the California Basketball Officiating Academy have come up with a program that is effective and affordable. In the past, this information used to get to officials only through the ‘trickle down’ effect if you were lucky enough to work with an established lead official who didn’t mind ‘giving back’.

Joining you at the Academy will be David Libbey, Aaron Locks alog with other College and top High School Officials and a handpicked staff to help us deliver engaging basketball officiating instruction.

The Academy is your chance to experience what it takes to do more than just survive as a basketball official.
This experience will provide you the knowledge and skills needed to improve and advance your officiating career. 
This summer is geared toward high school officials focusing on two and three person coverages.

Participants have the opportunity to take the skills learned in sessions & try them out in games. We guarantee you will get something to make you better or you get your money back!

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David Libbey will be at the June 24 - 26 session.